Boozey, bluesy, and slightly scary. With classically trained musicians that are equally adept at playing jazz, the talented instrumentation is the foil to the otherwordly vocal work of the lead singer. J.A.C.K. is completely original.


Tim and JP met in music school, and found Scott who had had a band called jack, but needed new members. The 3 hit it off, soon started playing basement parties, mostly in the communal Rad Pad and gained a reputation as 'the' band to have at your parties. Briefly being signed to Ace Fu Records, Chris was added on bass, and the name changed to J.A.C.K. Before the record could be released Ace Fu closed shop, where yabyum Records picked up the reigns to release a split 7" w/ Jucifer (Relapse) and the long awaited full length, Deletist.


1. Jack - EP
2. J.A.C.K. and Jucifer split 7"
(Obliterator b/w Birds of a Feather)
3. J.A.C.K. - Deletist (full length)

Streaming songs on myspace.com/jacknyc, myspace.com/yabyumrecords, jackbandnyc.com

Set List

Typical set is about 30-40 minutes, usually spanning old and new recorded songs, along with a few that haven't been recorded yet.