Jack & Rai

Jack & Rai


Jack & Rai are one of Singapore's top pop-rock-duos. Originally a cover band, they made the transition from doing covers of chart-toppers to writing and recording their own songs in their debut LP 'In Stores Now!. Experienced performers who make anyone feel at home during a gig.


The duo known simply as 'Jack & Rai' was formed in a quiet bar in July 2002. Before their first gig as a duo at Wala Wala, they met while performing as soloists on separate nights at local bar Barcelona. A few chance meetings between 2000 and 2002 turned into ad-hoc jam sessions before an audition at Wala Wala started a new chapter in their music careers. Since then, Jack & Rai have been regularly entertaining full-house crowds with their infectious brand of cover songs from the likes of U2, Coldplay, Oasis, Jason Mraz, John Mayer and the Dave Matthews Band. They also spent 2 years co-hosting a radio show on Class 95FM with Jean Danker, once a week.

In 2008, Jack & Rai decided to take on a new challenge – to create a full album of original songs and make the transition from cover band to original artistes. After a full year of planning, conceptualising and recording, they unveiled their debut album comprising 11 tracks, which related their honest stories and experiences in the free-spirited style people have come to be familiar with at their live gigs.

Their career highlights include opening for well-known international acts such as Lifehouse, Daughtry, Swingout Sister, Rachel Yamagata and Tristan Prettyman. They have also shared the stage with the likes of Go West, Level 42 and INXS during their visits to Singapore.


The Fa La La Song

Written By: Jack & Rai

The Falala Song

No twisted lovers
No forever and evers
I’m a sucker for simplicity
No complications
No angry telephone conversations
Seems like yesterday when
I learned to be free

If you wanna fa la la la la with me
So let’s go let’s go
Don’t be another one just like the other one
If you wanna fa la la la la la with me
Then go o no
I ain’t gonna wait
Cos I’m doing fine on my own

So watcha waitin for
Just gimme your hand and we’ll explore
The many little kinds of things that
Lovers don’t do or hardly anymore
Your clock is ticking and so is mine
Why put everything on the line
Good ol Daddy Time says
We’ll learn to be free
I wanna be free

If you wanna fa la la la la with me
So let’s go let’s go
Don’t be another one just like the other one
If you wanna fa la la la la la with me
Then go o no
I ain’t gonna wait
Cos I’m doing fine on my own

On my own
I’m runnin on a new ground
Comin from a newfound
Free is what I’m looking into calling me.

If you’re taking your time to think
it through
I’m moving ahead with or without you


Written By: Jack & Rai


Summertime I’m walking down Mass Avenue
Been living off 5.99 meals again
The thought of you streams in through
my window
As the room begins to suddenly cool

We held our hands like kids,
putting hope in a bottle

As I watched you thru pixilated eyes,
you tell me that this wouldn’t survive
This love we’ve made wouldn’t stay
under pressure
Living out 12-hour lives, when one is day
and the other one night
This love we made wouldn’t stay under pressure

Afternoons were often pretty tasteless,
It seemed like everyone had much more fun
than I did,
You wait a day just to watch a moment,
And then the bitter taste begins to fade away

Beetle Girl

Written By: Jack & Rai

Beetle Girl

I’ve had 6 cheap beers
I can’t stumble back home again
It pours outside the closed doors
Of the liquor store

Thumbs up, called a taximan
Ain’t got no comfort or city lights
Oh, then a little blue beetle pulls up
Want a ride?
I said hey, hey. I wanna fly away.

Filled up, halfway home
You drive me wherever you want to
Rain’s gone, windows are down as the
sun says a long goodbye
I said hey, hey, I wanna fly away.
With you.

I’ll be alright tonight
My feet will be off the ground I said
A ’73 Beetle girl drivin circles in
my brain

Her smile lightin the miles ahead
Her eyes watchin the road but not me
I see the wind in her hair lifts me
up, off, high
I said hey, hey, I wanna fly away.
With you.

I’ll be flyin, trail in the sky
This beetle girl has me floatin on by.

Release Me

Written By: Jack & Rai

Release Me

I hope she speaks martian
He’s from outer space
I just don’t understand
He’s just doing it again
He pisses me off
Makes me feel like a fool
Never ever liked the way he makes me feel


Oh release me, oh set me free
I can’t take it anymore
I’m not your checkerboard
Oh release me,
Why can’t you see
I’m not your little game you play
for you and me

Will you marry me now
Be with me forever
Those were all lies
Oh you know that you’d never
Gave it much thought
Did you mean what you say
I’m not your castle of cards
Ready to be blown



Written By: Jack & Rai


Don’t cry
Tears only lead you to paradise
Or otherwise
I’ll try
And put all those troubles at the back of your mind
To leave behind

But what can I say You made decisions
Now who can undo all those things he’s done...

Ninety straight degrees I walk away
And then I turn another 3 times and I come
Come back to you
If I crossed the line between you and I
It’s alright for me, but is it right for you
That’s why I contemplate leaving you

Now I know
It feels like the world’s spinnin all around
When you’re lying still
But there’s too much
in your head babe...
I can’t make you forget

And what came from this
I know it’s not a simple thing
And I don’t understand, why, you did what you did
What you did, and what I’d do

I’m doin’ this for the second time
When all that u need is just a peace of mind
A peace of mind...a second time
If only I’d the strength to walk away
And not turn another 4 times... and return to you

Television Affair

Written By: Jack & Rai

Television affair

Had a spur of a moment affair,
with the Television
Had to find myself a band, start a revolution
It seems to me, I wanna be free,
And the road, led our way
So let the light shine, shine on me,
What would you say?

I, I wanna be free
I wanna be me
I want it right now
I, I wanna be free,
I wanna be me
I want it right now


Released LP 'In Stores Now!', which spurned singles like 'The Fa La La Song', 'Release Me', 'Beetle Girl' and 'Pixelated'. Album available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody, eMusic and Nokia Music Store.

Production and Arrangement Credits:
SchoolHouse Rockz: The Movie OST (2009)
The Band OST (2009)
'As I Am' (Red Thread) (2009)
'The Ground' (Polo Boys) (2009)
'You and I' (Se7en Days) (2010)

Tracks can be streamed from http://www.facebook.com/jackandrai

Set List

Jack & Rai normally mix and match original songs with cover songs during a set.
A full original song setlist (30mins) as follows:
1) The Fa La La Song
2) Beetle Girl
3) Pixelated
4) Release Me
5) Contemplate
6) Us

They also do an extensive range of cover songs from bands like U2, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, to name a few. With a repertoire of over 300 songs, they are able to carry up to 3 sets of 45mins on a gig night.