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“a smooth, laidback sound that swings along like a horizontal Steely Dan meets Beautiful South […] brimful of glorious harmonies […] good Beatles-ish keyboards, McCartneyesque vocals and a feelgood sensibility […] Their forthcoming album could be quite interesting ” - Jackie Hayden


“With talent, Julien Lonchamp (aka Jack and the’) composes songs with catchy melodies and original rhythms, making him a dignified successor of Brian Wilson ”
- Benoit Gaudibert


"A pop manifesto", the great ambition for a new French-Irish band. Such a task hasn’t been attempted since the 1990's when the fabulous William Pears revealed some true pop secrets. This was precisely what I had in mind when first listening to the new Jack and the' CD, "Vacation".
Unlike some pop begrudgers, I’ve always really enjoyed the style of William Pears and I've the feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful new friendship with Jack and the's music. If the earlier first High Llamas or good songs from Hal feature in your i-Pod's top ten, then you’re sure to love Jack and the’s music too.
"Vacation (a Pop Manifesto)" is a sunny escape, an oasis of happiness far away from the arrogant noisiness from Oasis, a celebration of music so joyful that it’s impossible to resist to these infectious melodic hooks. On occasions Jack goes a bit too far, maybe further than necessary in a Jazz-inspired direction, but, given his golden arrangements, his simple melodies and his talent for harmony, we can easily forgive him.
Like Orwell, The Yachines or Fugu, Jack and the' show that the French pop scene, inspired by the best of the 60’s, is still alive and kicking. Let’s hope that this is the ultimate proof needed to convince you. Come on! Jump in and join this fearless discovery of French pop, its bubblegum melodies and its cheeky charms! By the way, our friend Jack’s real name is Julien.
- Gildas Le Pallec


The song "Mad scientist" features on the "2005 Irish National Student Music Awards Competition" compilation.

Streaming and radio airplay (March - July 2006):
Phantom FM Podcast:
Mad scientist, She's round again, A secret tonight.
Anna Livia FM, "The sOup Music" show:
She's round again, A secret tonight, Johnny the Storywriter, Fountain.
Near FM, "The Weekly Diary" show:
A secret tonight, Johnny the Storywriter, Fountain.



Jack and the’ ? What a strange name…Who’s hiding behind these three words? Well Jack and the’ is an unsigned Dublin-based group of Irish, French and Italian musicians who gathered around Julien Lonchamp (aka Jack) in 2005.
The band has been attracting an unprecedented level of attention following the recording of their first 2 song-demo “Mad scientist/She’s round again” (The Postcard single), produced by Orwell, one of France’s finest pop bands (www.orwellmusic.com). 2005 highlights for Jack and the’ were the Dublin final of the 2005 National Student Music Awards competition (www.nsma.com) and the Hard-Working Class Heroes festival (www.hwch.net).
“More than a demo, “Vacation” is a musical carte-de-visite that should grab the attention of seekers of originality” (review from L’Est Républicain). This is how Jack and the’ s debut album “Vacation (a pop manifesto)”, recorded throughout 2005, has been described.
The combo is currently unveiling the pop manifesto in a series of live appearances in Ireland and France over the next few months, challenging any music fan to walk away from the venue without humming its pocket symphonies!
Indeed, the band is humbly pursuing a quest: reconciling 60’s pop melodies and elaborated dynamics, resulting in jazz-tinged pop miniatures full of multipart harmonies and rhythmic hooks.
Jack and the’, an unusual name for a band, but why not a familiar one very soon?