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The best kept secret in music


"20 for the ages"

" Does humor belong in music?" the Zappa album asks rhetorically. Jackass must know the answer, for it's mischievous sardonicism that gives thier music levity and keeps the bone crushing grooves from being dismissed as Cockrock. Absent from the scene for the better part of a year the band ended it's hiatus in style. "Donkey Style" that is. Their new album is an assault of heavy grooves with a wry grin. - Larry Nager, "Cincinnati Enquirer"

"Cit Beat Magazine"


volume 7, issue 30; Jun. 14-Jun. 20, 2001

Spill It - By Mike Breen

Maximum Riffage

Jackass are a heavy, powerful and debauched quartet consisting of four local music scene vets: Guitarist Scott Wood (formerly of The Patsy Cline and Biscuit), lap steelist Mike Schottlekotte (Maya Ensemble, The Haywards), bassist Jason Knarr (Amoeba Men, Spodie, 16 Piece Bucket) and drummer Lou Gerren (Milkmine, Mr. Universe, HellNation). A recent demo CD shows the group to be a robust mesh of their past bands' styles and various Hard Rock and Post Punk influences, with howling-banshee vocals, metallic, angular riffing and the kind of air-tight rhythmic grind that made bands like Jesus Lizard and Helmet so effective. Schottlekotte's slippery lap steel guitar lines also add a nice, unique touch to the tornadic proceedings. Great stuff.

- Mike Breen

"The Citizen Newspaper"

The Citizen
Vol 3, issue 10 October 4,2001

A poem:”Roses are red, violets are blue, Jackass kicks ass …”
On the scene for a short time, the boys of JACKASS have placed themselves in the “buzz of the town” school. Hard driving guitars and slam-glam, punk-o-style, JACKASS is a band that creates an intense show to say the least. Various “theme” shows, catchy nicknames (Toy, Skeeter, Senator Rawk, & The Professor), and some covers that have reached a cultish demand these local fellows are a sure hit for your next sweet 16 party.

- Jake Hollyfield


Jackass, debauchery with guitars.

This American Mid-West four piece offers the stylistic aggression of modern rock along with the hardcore, angry vocals of 'Toy' only confirming that this band are going places. Their self released album 'Donkey Style' from MulePower Records (can anyone see a recurring theme here?) has everything required to kick the shit out of you and still leave you craving more.

- Craig McKitterick


The band starts the CD at 90 miles an hour, and charges full speed ahead through the entire album, never slowing down, never turning down! It’s pure adrenaline-pumping, throw-your-hands-in-the-air, shake your ass rock and roll that lasts for nearly 40 minutes! If Jackass were driving a race car, it’d be a top-fuel dragster, gunning off the line at top speed, and only slowing down when the race was over. Does that give you any indication of the type of band we’re looking at here? This is a ROCK band!

- Mark Lush


2001 eponymous EP available at mp3.com/Jackass!
Featured on mp3 syndicated radio show as well as several other online radio stations.
2003 "Donkey Style" LP available on Mulepower Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailed by some as the loudest band in North America, and loved by many for
being the loudest band in North America, Jackass has been leading its own
exodus to the Promised Land of Rock. Blazing a trail for over two years,
winning over new followers along the way with deafening grace.Sharing the stage with such acts as The Datsuns, Faster Pussycat, Fireball Ministry, Bottom, Kings X, and others.

Jackass swept both the Cincinnati Enquirer and CityBeat Magazine awards for Best
Hard Rock Band in 2002, and again won the CEA in 2003, and 2004. With strong sales of their debut release Donkey Style, wich has been named as one of the top 20 local releases by City Beat's staff, an ever increasing touring schedule in the Midwest, and apperances at The Midwest Entertainment Industry, Midatlantic, and Indianapolis Music Conferences they are poised to strike to liberate the people of Rock = Prepare To Be Shocked And Awed!
This just in, the new record "A Touch of Ass" will be released this spring, so keep your eyes peeled.