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Jack Babineau

North Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States | INDIE

North Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States | INDIE
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"Jack Babineau's Generation of Need"

Jack Babineau’s Generation of Need

By Jillian Locke

Jack Babineau
The greatest challenge in the life of any young, budding musician is always the same ~ carving out a niche and distinguishing his or her unique, individual talent. Although Jack Babineau, an 18 year old singer/song-writer/reincarnated blues belter FEELS that’s a challenge, one listen and you’ll be convinced otherwise.

“The most challenging part for me is trying to get away from my influences and really finding myself,” says Babineau, who just released his first effort through Satellite Studios, aptly titled Generation of Need. To really distinguish himself from comparisons to the likes of Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, Babineau channels years of listening to The Beatles, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, Ray Charles and other greats and puts his own spin on the classics. “I like to distinguish myself by incorporating so many styles that you can’t find one; I like to throw in some jazz, blues, and even hip hop.”

Having only been playing guitar for four and a half years, Babineau displays a talent and a passion beyond his years, and much of that natural insight and energy shines through in Generation of Need, a collection of eight tracks recorded over two years. “The title of the album is the underlying factor. The whole album is about society, everything going on in the world and how we should stop pointing fingers and just try to better ourselves,” Babineau explains. His point is driven home with smooth, blues-infused pop riffs supported by his strikingly deep, shockingly soulful vocals.

Babineau also had the help of some talented friends along the way. Rising R&B sensation Charise White contributed vocals on “Conformity,” “Love Now,” and “For Today,” while rock veteran James Montgomery, best known for his local blues and celebrity collabs with Kid Rock and Les Paul, to name a few.

Catch Jack Babineau with his newly formed band Blame Jack on tour this summer.

In the meantime, head over to www.cdbaby.com to get your copy of Generation of Need, and www.jackbabineau.com and www.myspace.com/jackbabineau to get a glimpse into this 18 year old, reincarnated bluesman.
- Pulse Magazine

"Jack Babineau"

Jack Babineau is a Smithfield, Rhode Island blues-rock veteran with multiple shows at the Gardner Ale House and the Bull Run in Shirley under his belt. At least I thought this until I read he hasn’t even graduated high school yet. Babineau’s age is irrelevant on his debut release, Generation of Need. He jams with New England blues dinosaur James Montgomery on one track, trading guitar licks with Montgomery’s sweet blues harp melodies like he’d been doing it for decades. Not bad for someone who learned to play five years ago. But the album really gains momentum during the title track. Babineau gets philosophical, asking what the human race did to “make it go so wrong.” He answers his own question seconds later in a burst of clavinet and electric guitar riffs: “money, lust and power, greed…create another generation of need.” Babineau is wise beyond his years on Generation of Need. myspace.com/jackbabineau - Worcester Magazine


Debut Album, Generation of Need, available on itunes, Amazon and cdbaby.com



New England audiences know what they’re in for at a Jack Babineau show: natural talent and unrestrained energy. And – whether it’s after the first song or when then encore is over- they always say the same thing…” I can’t believe that guy is only 18 years old.”

What the audience doesn’t know from watching Jack’s solo acoustic guitar performances is how he taught himself to play -starting just 4 years ago. It was right around the time he discovered Dave Matthews Band. He and his family watched the DVD of the Central Park concert on a lazy afternoon and, for Jack, something just clicked. Right around the time Dave was telling his capacity crowd “my mind is blown” Jack’s mind was churning with the thought of “I’m going to sit down and learn Grey Street.” Jack now draws inspiration from a growing list of singers, bands and musical genres. In his strong, soulful voice, you can pick up strains of DMB, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, any number of blues singers and new artists such as Paolo Nutini and Jack Johnson.

Jack has performed at a variety of venues including Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Newport Blues Cafe, Oak Hill Tavern, The Bull Run, The Pelham, The Stadium Theatre and opened for some great acts such as Blues Traveler, Devon Allman's Honeytribe and John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band. He has also performed on several college radio stations. When Jack covers a well-known song, he always finds the right balance between honoring the original and making it his own. And, as that inventory grows and grows, Jack is also hard at work writing original music.