Jackbone Dixie

Jackbone Dixie

 Stevenson, Washington, USA

We are a rock country blues soul cocktail. We have one of most unique sounding singer Emily Albaugh. There is no one living or dead that rivals her.


Jackbone Dixie is the country’s most established, premier live bands.
The band's sound defines the heartaches of life and outlines hopes for a better tomorrow. Often referencing their roots with influences such a Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and other contemporary country-rock, classis rock, and carefully selected bluegrass accents - Jackbone Dixie has both a strong stage presence complimented by beautifully written original songs.
The band mixes their originals with cover tunes that stand the test of time in the fabric of true American rock n' roll. The band's lead singer's (Emily Albaugh) voice is a haunting reminder of Molly Bee, Janis Joplin, and Linda Perry. However, Albaugh's range offers a more polished, yet smoky, air of subtle mystery to the band.
As the group's members take their turn at vocal lead, Richie Eddings and Sonny Larson both manifest a palpable annexation to the band. Talented in their own right, Eddings and Larson both boast an expansive knowledge within their own euphonious musical abilities. Richie Eddings has expansive experience within the music industry as a noted professional playing with house bands for major casinos on the infamous Las Vegas Strip. Sonny Larson toured for thirty years and made a name for himself in within the competitive Nashville music scene.
The band recently added Jose Maya as their drummer. Maya has been a staple to the pacific northwest’s music scene for the last decade. Also added to the band’s lineup is Rich Eddings, sr. and Jackie Burns. The duo performed on various international tours together, and add a layer of decadent sound to the band’s already provocative smokiness.
.Jackbone Dixie is currently working on new material and remains consistent with their weekly live performances around the Stevenson, Washington area.


We just released our first cd last month

Set List

Let them Knock- (sharon Jones)
Cant Sing the Blues-(Jackbone Dixie)
110 in the shade
Here I am baby- (Al Green)
What can I say
Maker of my own world-(jackbone dixie)
Moonlight Tricks-(Jackbone dixie)
Brand new shade of blue-(Jackbone Dixie)
Shotgun Willie
ur no good
Id rather go blind-(ette james)
Do right woman creep
you go i go
lonesome onry & Mean
Shakey ground
I shall be released-(bob Dylan)
Aint Livin long-Waylon Jennings)