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Toronto- the meeting place

Written By: Jack Clark


History calls this “The Meeting Place”
Toronto is the name.
So many cultures are gathered here
No wonder we came.

We can meet at the station and go for a ride
Most anywhere.
The subway brings us easily from here to there
Say, Yorkdale Place, or Nathan Phillips Square
To tell you the truth, with you I’d go anywhere.

Come along and we’ll taste from a menu of your favourite food
From across the sea
Close your eyes and pretend you are sailing back home
While having dinner with me,.

And feel at home – The world is our friend
From wherever you roam – Toronto represents

All of the Nations from around the Globe
Come together right here
To all of life’s stations, Toronto is home
From far and near.
Let’s celebrate, let’s do it together
Let the Spirit of our diversity awaken in you (hockey hall…)
Awaken in me ()
Awaken in us()