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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Classic Rock"

"... vocalist Willie Dowling (Honeycrack) orchestrates a mesh of strings and horns that puts you in mind of Jellyfish at their most adventurous. Like the latter, all musical reference points are writ large (do a shot every time there’s a nod to Brian Wilson, 10cc and the Beatles and you’ll be drunk before the album’s end), but it’s beautifully done." - Phil Wilding, Classic Rock


" Bipolar Diversions is insane. It laughs in the face of super-serious pop shoe gazers and smirks ironically at this year's pop darlings as they clutch desperately at pop's coat-tails. Jackdaw4 grin from ear to ear as they reel off hook after hook, which float effortlessly around 70's pop kitsch, Blur style irony and even ELO harmonies." - Fuseweb


Album of the Year "Every song is a mini-masterpiece of arranging and inspired performance. The title track is not only gorgeous, it offers the sonic equivalent of bi-polar disorder, an audible analog of what a person experiences. "My Little Gangsta" covers the same territory as XTC's "No Thugs in Our House," with comparable flare. But it's those soaring voices that continue to suck you in. " - Mike Baron, NotLame

"Another Album Of the Year"

Album of the Year "This album is what I hope every new album I listen to in a given year will be but so few are: So insanely, disgustingly catchy throughout that I don't even think about skipping a track "
- ThisIsWhatWeDoNow.com

"What? Another Album Of the Year"

"Every track is relevatory, without any weakness and will have you crying for more. Thank you Willie Dowling, chief singer, songwriter and producer of "Bipolar Diversions"
- Powerpopaholic

"Bipolar Diversions"

“Jackdaw4's new CD is 120% recommended for any fan of full blown, hook filled, well crafted power pop. It's tough to get any better than this!”
- Jay, Popbang Radio


" Ten tracks that run the gauntlet of classic pop and rock sounds, all shot through with Willie's typical lyrical wit and way with a chord change "
- Darren Stockford, Last FM

"The Greatest Band in England"

"Jackdaw4 has to be the greatest band in England at this time... 10 out of 5 stars." - SugarBuzz Magazine

"Get Ready To Rock"

" This will easily make my top ten albums of the year and give it a listen and I'd bet it would make yours!"
- Jason Ritchie, Get Ready To Rock


" Well my friends, Jackdaw4 is this year's model. And if that means anything to you, you can thank me as soon as you get your hands on this album and listen to the first few seconds of it while a huge grin plasters itself across your face "
- TIWWDN, ThisIsWhatWeDoNow.com


Gramophone Logic - 2004
Bipolar Diversions - 2007
Retrospectacles - 2009
The Eternal Struggle For Justice - 2010

currently - THE BEAUTIFUL GAME - AOL's choice for World Cup Song



Jackdaw4 is the brainchild of Willie Dowling, the chief singer, songwriter and producer of who has drawn from a bank of musical influences to create some unique and extraordinary songs, laced with acute observations and character portraits.

Dowling is well known as a composer for both TV and film, writing music for such comedy luminaries as
Steve Coogan (Dr Terrible’s House of Horror), Rob Bryden and Julia Davis (Human Remains) and
Armstrong & Miller to name just a few (more details at www.williedowling.co.uk)

On stage, as on record, Dowling is accompanied by, John Steel, Guy James and Andy Lewis, whose wealth of musical experience and ability ensures Jackdaw4 delivers astonishing live