Jack Dillman Band

Jack Dillman Band


A collage of Blues, Jazz, and Rock sound, wrapped around an acoustic guitar and a singer/songwriter style. Basic Rock beats, overlay and incredibly complex bass line that brings so much energy to the rest of the band. Vocals "similar to those of David Gray and Live bring a unique sound to the band."


All the songs are written about real life situations. There is a story behind every song, from a confused childhood, to the reality that is love. A lot of influence comes from acoustic musicians like Jim Croce and James Taylor, but the vocal power is attributed to folks like David Gray. The band plays with energy and heart everytime they take the stage, and that is the fuel that makes the vocals get better everytime. When people see the acoustic guitar, they think boring, we change that opinion.


We recorded a live full length album while sharing the stage with The Pat McGee Band. It was recorded at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. The Chameleon is known for being the place where "LIVE" started, so it has a huge reputation for great live music.

Set List

Typical Setlists are compiled of 90% original songs, and 10% covers. We play covers to suit the environment. If it is an original music venue, we don't mess with covers. If it's a bar situation, you almost have to play covers. We cover anyone from Sublime to Dave Matthews Band.