Jack Flash

Jack Flash


Jack Flash is a Toowoomba born and based folk/punk six-piece with a unique brand of catchy, dancing tunes, lyrical genius and fancy flair. Originating in the spring of 2006 they developed a style which brings traditional Australian folk styles and themes to a punk audience.


Jack Flash began in 2006 when existing members of Toowoomba punk band the Cuts began to have an interest in Folk Punk as a musical direction, and in traditional Australian folk music in general. They were joined by a new bass player, as Tom (the Cuts existing bass player moved onto Mandolin & singing duties). Tom, Jake, Shai and Walsh were joined by Blaise on bass guitar, and Looey on violin, and rebranded themselves as 'Jack Flash'

Jack Flash is influenced by such acts as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy’s, Red Gum, The Pogues and The Bushwhackers Band. Drawing on a rich background of Celtic, American and Australian tunes, the Jack Flash boys have forged their own sound and a fresh contribution to the Folk/Punk genre.

In a short time they have charged their way into the Toowoomba and Brisbane music scenes. Their 2007 EP release ‘Take Notice’, sold out in less than one month, leaving fans begging for more. Since then Jack Flash have toured Queensland and New South Wales and been booked out every weekend playing shows in Toowoomba and Brisbane. They have performed with such great Australian acts as Zombie Ghost Train, Bad Day Down, The Go Set, The Disables, The Wrath, Sydney City Trash, Steve Towson & the Conscripts, Blowhard and Catgut Mary

Jack Flash is currently writing and recording material for a full length CD, and have released a three song demo to give fans a taste of what to expect.

The lads have recently returned from a short tour of QLD, NSW and the ACT to much acclaim


EP 'Take Notice' 2007
- Has received regular airplay on brisbanes 4ZZZ
Demo CD, 2008
- first song, 'TBP' has received some airplay on Triple J
- this CD has also had regular airplay on 4ZZZ

Set List

A typical set list included about 10-12 songs and usually runs between 30 and 45 mins. original songs we regularly play include-
A Convicts tale
Shearers Strike
Take Notice
Jack Flash Army
Too Late
Guilty Conscience
+ a few others.
We also include traditional songs such as 'Lachlan Tigers' in our set, as well as a cover of the Redgum song 'Poor Ned'