Jack Gates

Jack Gates


Strong melodies, exciting right hand flourishes and exotic rhythmic pulses are fused in the acoustic guitar of Jack Gates, melding Brazilian choro, jazz chording and flamenco styles. The trio or quartet performs an evening of original music. Sharyl Gates adds dynamic vocal nuances.


From early beginnings as a pop and jazz musician in California, Jack Gates has evolved a very personal and evocative musical style. Through a broad range of performing and recording experiences with Marcos Silva, Jeff Narrell, Claudia Gomez, Liza Silva, Nayo Ulloa, Kit Walker, Chalo Eduardo, Joanne Shenandoa, Chuck Metcalf and many others, Jack Gates has pursued a sonic vision that combines jazz, classical, Latin and popular styles of guitar music.
Jack Gates' influences include Jimi Hendrix, Julian Bream, Paco de Lucia, Baden Powell and Kenny Burrell.
Whether as a soloist, composer, improviser or ensemble performer, Jack Gates brings a lush and vibrant sound to the reinterpretation of classic acoustic and electric guitar styles.

Tim White and Jack Gates formed Whitegates Records to promote and develop innovative acoustic music forms through the release of audiophile quality CDs.
Several new releases are planned for 2008, including a landmark duet recording featuring sitar and guitar captured live with no overdubs.


Earth Messenger CD Jack Gates Ensemble with Sharyl Gates

Morning Song Evening Song CD with Tim White

On Whitegates Records, available through Burnside Distribution and IRIS internet distribution

Jack Gates' recordings have received radio airplay in Spain, Holland, Australia, Italy, the U.K. and over 200 stations in the U.S.

Partial Discography

Boulevard Jack Gates solo

Earth Messenger Jack Gates Ensemble

Morning Song Evening Song Tim White/Jack Gates

New Geography Jack Gates Ensemble

Oasis Acoustic Sampler


The Eyes of Love Helene Attia

Bahia Chant Larry Stefl

invocation Silvia Nakkach/Relaxation Co.

Sandancer Chris Saunders

Rock Candy The Bungee Jumpin Cows

Going Somewhere Fast Steve Deutsch

Hurricane Watch Jeff Feldstein

Amistades/friendships Rafael Manriquez, Quique Cruz

Treehouse Broderbund/Gary Schwantes


The Road Home Willian Coulter

My Guitars, Their Music John Mello, luthier

Set List

Three 45 minute sets of completely original material

3 to 4 hours of Latin jazz and popular music covers

lists available upon request