Jack Grunsky

Jack Grunsky


“Jack’s music is exuberant…a gift to young listeners and their parents who will follow Grunsky on a wondrous trip through their own imaginations. Jack makes explorers of us all, guiding us down new roads toward an awakening of the spirit.”


Jack is one of Canada’s leading voices in the children’s music scene. His 12 recordings for children have received all of the most prestigious awards in children's media, including 3 JUNO Awards for Best Children's Recording (1993, 2000 & 2006) and several US Parents' Choice Gold Awards. Over the past 25 years, he has toured extensively across Canada and the US, Central Europe, and as far a-field as South Africa. Jack Grunsky takes the audience on a joyful musical journey around the world. He has pioneered new forms of musical expression for children’s music, drawing on multicultural influences, often integrating sounds and rhythms from his colourful palette of global musical instruments. He performs with members of his 'Chigo Chigo Band' which includes his daughter Cosima, a singer songwriter in her own right. Jack's joyful concerts leave the audience feeling good about themsleves and the world around them.


Alligator Stomp

Written By: Jack Grunsky

Two alligators in the swamp
Doing the alligator stomp
Two alligators in the swamp
Doing the alligator stomp

Now take a gator by the hand
Step to the music of a Cajun band
Clap your hands! Stomp your feet!
And walk your gator down the street. Ayee!

You can roll your eyes, you can wiggle your nose
But you better not step on your gator's toes.
Swing to the left, swing to the right
We're nice alligators, we don't bite. Ayee!

Now throw your hands up in the air
We're a little bit crazy but we don't care
One thing gators love to do
Is jump up high and shout "yahoo!"


Written By: Jack Grunsky

Everybody I know
Has a special way to say "hello"
To say "hello", say "hello"
Here's a Zulu greeting
That I heard in Africa
It's a word from Africa

Siyanibingelela, eyo!

Every greeting I hear
Is like a song from the heart
It's a song from the heart
And it's a wonderful way
To make new friends everyday
To meet new friends everyday

“Guten Tag”
"Buon giorno"
"Dzien dobray"
“Dia dhuit”
“Ni hao”

Everybody I know
Shares the laughter and the joy
Every girl, every boy
And it's a wonderful sound
To hear the special way
You say "hello"

Happy Day

Written By: Jack Grunsky

Happy day, happy day
Glad to see you here today
I'm so glad you came my way
It's a happy day

Come on in, stay a while
It's so nice to see you smile
We can dance and we can sing
And let the laughter ring
Fill your heart full of joy
Every single girl and boy
And before this day ends
Who knows, we may be friends

I will sing a song for you
Something old and something new
On a music magic carpet ride
We'll travel far and wide
Sing-a-long, don't be shy
Sing and let your spirit fly
And before this day ends
Who knows, we may be friends


Imaginary Window
Children Of The Morning
Waves Of Wonder - JUNO award winner 1993
Dream Catcher
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Celebrate! Jack Grunsky - Live
Sing & Dance - JUNO award winner 2000
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My Beautiful World - JUNO award winner 2006

Set List

a typical 1 hour family concert:
Happy day
It's A Great Day
With My own Two Hands
Jumpin' Beans
By The Light Of The Moon
Iko Iko
Let's Play
Look Who's In My Family
Wherever The Children Sing
Big Thunder, Dark Cloud
Seeds For My Garden
Sleep My Little One
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Alligator Stomp
Beat Of My Heart
Good Bye Song