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"While Numerous artists have been tagged as ‘the next Dylan’, Harlan not only has the talent to wear such a mantle well, but the potential to exceed the labels.”
Splendid Magazine/Chicago

“His boldness as a writer demands attention.”
Vancouver Province

"...will infect us all to rise up and grab a slice or we will settle for the processed mediocrity that surrounds us every day. Harlan sounds like he’s actually lived a life, first-hand and it is the patina of experience that raises this above the ordinary."
Americana UK

“Fans of moody Americana would do well to seek out any and all”
Sunnyside/ New York/ USA

“Harlan is a new talent to be reckoned with, and he's a Canuck to boot. A heady mix of harmony and melody comes close to Australian Paul Kelly; sharing the gift of birthing songs that appear innocent at first, but contain a wallop of passion when given the chance.”
Cosmik Debris/USA

“The man does everything in his craft to keep from being seen as a one-trick-crony”
Chart Magazine

“…crafts visceral, sweeping tunes that poke and prod the great mysteries: morality, death, redemption, love, guilt and loneliness all figure in his brooding, occasionally tender and always compelling folk vision.”
X Press/ Ottawa

“It’s a beautiful recording.”
Edmonton Sun

“…truly impressive songs…it will hook you”

“…the kind of lyrics that reminds you of your last painful break-up. Worth a beer and an hour of your time, no question”
Monday Magazine/Victoria

"...Harlan plays just about every musical style in contemporary popular music.”
Edmonton Journal

“Numerous artists have been tagged as “The Next Dylan”, and almost have many been tapped as heirs to U2. They rarely amount to much. Fortunately, Scintilla suggests that Harlan not only has the talent to wear such a mantle well, but the potential to exceed the labels.”

“Pastoral qualities strengthened by a sweet and slightly rough rutted voice.”
The Gazette/Albany USA

“Holds court with just his voice and guitar.”

“His Nettwerk debut, Carnival of Mystery proves he can probe the dark side with scalpel-like precision.”
Tandem magazine

“…the entire album is wonderful”
Music Emissions.com

“A strong songwriter with a gift for poetic imagery.”
See Magazine/Edmonton

“One of top ten Vancouver men to watch this year”
Vancouver Magazine

“Part Dylan, part Nick Drake. A self-contained artist who needs just his guitar and voice to assist considerable vision.”
Bandcouver Radio/Canada

“The opening track Breath of Heaven is as beautiful as an opening you’ll get with a Cd. One of the best songs this year by any artist.”

‘One of Vancouver’s most commanding songwriters.’
Vancouver Province.

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The Hymns of Sorrow 1999
Scintilla 2000
Carnival of Mystery 2002
Resolutions (demo)2007
Love Come Around 2008



For live performance video please visit:
To see live performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTHYIbUvLG4&feature=channel_page

Lyrical firestorms and a sweet slightly rough rutted voice complete Jack Harlan’s no-nonsense folk vision.

While numerous artists have been tagged as ‘the next Dylan’ Splendid Magazine out of Chicago writes, “Harlan not only has the talent to wear such a mantle well, but the potential to exceed the labels.”

Born with the wind howling on the high prairies of Alberta, Canada, singer/songwriter Jack Harlan has spent his life as a troubadour criss-crossing North America. Holding court with just his voice and guitar, Harlan has played festivals, bar rooms, beach resorts, steam engine train tours, singing for missionaries in Mexico, cafes, along side elephants in the circus, and has shared the stage with the pop singer Dido, Fred Eaglesmith and Ron Sexsmith. “He sounds like he’s actually lived a life, first-hand, and it is the patina of experience that raises him above the ordinary” (Americana UK).

Considered “one of Vancouver’s most commanding songwriters” (Vancouver Province), Harlan’s plainspoken character sketches of the great mysteries of love, redemption, mortality and truth have led to his songs being used in various film soundtracks (The Fallen, Suspicious River), including a song on the popular Warner Bros. television show Everwood.

He has released four recordings. The Hymns of Sorrow (1999), which became an underground favorite among the local Vancouver roots music scene, was complied of songs visiting the edge of despair, not to be lurid but for reasons of the heart. Harlan, along with Producer Marc L’Esperence (Veda Hille, Ronnie Hayward) used minimalist production to attain a stark realism of the down and out characters Jack was writing about. Hymns of Sorrow helped to define the ‘folk noir’ genre in Vancouver.

2000 became a departure from the organic to the ethereal with the release of Scintilla. Described as ‘space gospel blues’ and with “with truly impressive songs that will hook you”(Indieville), gifted producer/multi instrumentalist Jonathan Anderson (Stabilo, Dawntreader, In Media Res) recorded Harlan singing for the first time without his acoustic guitar in hand. With a backdrop of layered organs, omnichords, distorted guitars and banjos, a rollicking blues infused rhythm section help drive the message home that he is an artist “who does everything in his power to keep from being seen as a one trick crony.” (Chart Magazine)

Having been regarded as “one the top Vancouver men to watch of 2001” (Vancouver Magazine), Harlan was approached by Nettwerk Records (Sarah McLachlan), releasing Carnival of Mystery in 2002. Once again Jack hooked up with producer Marc L’Esperence to create a mix of pop, folk and various experimental tendencies that “fans of moody Americana would do well to seek out any and all (Sunnyside/New York).

Hundreds of shows later, Jack Harlan has continued to craft visceral tunes with the solo acoustic demo Resolutions in 2007 and his latest November 2008 effort Love Come Around. Filled with political and social commentary on America, Love Come Around offers a refreshing plainspoken positive message, and encourages us to celebrate our true inspired self.