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"The Next Big Thing." One Fan described his appearance as LL Cool J meets 50 Cent. As a songwriter and a Lyricist he can be compared to JayZ or Eminem. With such praises, it seems difficult to deliver but with his debut solo album " The Holla Man LP" Jack Hustle will do just that.


Jack Hustle is one of the most talented new artists to emerge from Atlanta's rich hip hop talent pool. His influences include Outkast, Jay-Z and Eminem. After rapping for most of life as a hobby, Jack Hustle realized he had a gift and started taking rap seriously in 2001. In 2004 he released the group album G4CE to some critical acclaim and underground success in GA and Florida. In 2005 he began work on his solo album "The Holla Man LP". The Holla Man LP shows the contradiction of a young man immensely talented in expression that struggles to find himself within a quiet soul. With Songs like "Back It Up", "So Cool", and "What you Talking Bout", he raps about the usual vices of youth like a female's backside, clubbing and being a playa, and being hated on by peers. However, it is songs like‚ÄĚSISO", "SpareChange", and Unfadeable that show his versatility as an artist. He addresses subjects like single motherhood, government party politics, and chasing your dreams. The Holla Man LP is set for early 2007 release and has critics and fans abuzz about the possibility of another Atlanta superstar. With his born for stardom appearance and the delivery of a stellar debut solo effort, you have to believe that they are right.

Back It Up is currently charting on the following national charts:

Back it Up has charted on:

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Jack Hustle has charted on the following shows:

DJ Dax-Needle Droppin- Miami- "What You Talkin bout #1 for 3 weeks

DJ Modesty- Real Hip Show- France- Back It Up- #2
What you Talkin bout # 3

WUML Lowell, Mass- What You Talklin Bout- Debut at #21

American idol Undergound- SISO- debuted in top 50 at #39. Back it Up at #9

What You Talkin Bout in Rotation on

RealHott Radio, and Fearless Radio. and Phatfirm radio.

SISO received an Honorable mention in the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting contest.

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Written By: Jack Hustle

God please bless the mom with a Healthy kid, two months pre mature she just hopes that he lives. At 3 pounds, he can barely breathe he's weak. Single mom bringing home sixty dollars a week. But he pulled through, did it off the strong of his mom, the place where he gets his morals and beliefs from. Ms. Lawson, he wishes he'd have taken her name she hitch hiked just to get him to his Little League games. Hard times, shoot I'll let you do the math...12 people four bedrooms only one full bath, and picture that... I can help you get it in focus, ain't no heat and running water, turn on lights and there's roaches. But with love growing up wasn't as hard as it sounds, it's still tough for 2 boys when their pop ain't around. Left a mom and 2 sons there to fend for their self, I'll tell ya later, for now I'll keep that hurt on the shelf.

Malcom X clip
My highschool was the black ghetto, right here in Boston. I got my college education on the streets of Harlem in New York city. I took my Masters degree in prison...

Mama said take your time don't hurry be patient. So until the age of two I Forest Gumped it with braces. Had to straighten out my legs, doc said this was how. I guess it worked...hell I'm still bow legged now. My hood was my cousins, uncles and aunties. Red dirst and woods, shit my ghetto was country. and I didn't aint slang crack homie, I don't regret it. Never learned the dope game so I hustled athletics. Packed up for school, left with dreams. Four years in that bitch, just some special teams. What they said I wasn't worth, I earned in a season. Missed TD and hurt my knee and got it took for no reason. As a man I understand that nobody's the blame, but since then dropped my chin guess the love wasn't the same. Skated by and graduated, don't ask me how, now it's time to make a living shit what will I do now.

But Isaiah 1:16 says, I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not, I will lead them in paths...

3rd verse
My next move in life I was undecided. Had to pay some bills so I 9 to fived it, Took my love for art and put in song, found a passion for the music that was there all along. And that was nothing special, just somebody with talent. Making that into a living now that was the challenge. When you finally find your dream, you'll do anything for it, but it's hard to hold on when you ain't being supported. To the rock the mic concert, an hour by train, stood outside and passed out Cds in the rain. There was no one to push me or wish me well, I'm the only one who cared if I succeeded or failed. And I'm so tired I don't know what to do with myself. And I done tried to get some help, so I'll do it myself. I might fight and scratch I'ma kick til I bleed, but in spite of all the obstacles, I'm gonna succeed.

Interview excerpt.

Yeah well I feel like with anything, you can either make excuses or you can find ways to get it done. I think God gave me the resources to get it done, so that's what I'm gone do.

Back It Up

Written By: Jack Hustle

Boy the way them young folks dancing nowadays...
Too much freaking going on

too much, too much
too much, too much
too much, too much
too much, too much freaking going


I'm a Back It Up Daddy,
Back it Up and I'm a tear it Down (Repat 4 times)

bounce that ass over here girl, show me what you got
I know I can't dance but my 2 step is hot
and them jeans have got to be skin tight,
you gonna let me in right? Damn girl yo body is fine
these lines are Genuine, Can I get up in them jeans?
Spend a little time and I'll show you what I mean.
You got a v12 in that high powered ass,
extra curves at the bottom of that tight hour glass
We can't let these hours pass, girl I gotta take advantage
get you at my spot let you show the vickie panties
I hope I ain't too mannish I'm just tryin to keep it real
girlfriend back it up so ya boy can cop a feel fa sho.

Chorus Repeat 4 times

I need a R&B chick girl I'm ready and I'm willin,
I can keep up with them Destiny's chillen (I'm a Soldier)
I'm lookin for Ms. Keys man I really like here talent
She don't know me name but I'm ready for the challenge
She got a little shape, I'll take Britney on a date,
and Jessica got back too...Nick I ain't gonna hate
but what about that Jenny man? I'm talking J-lo man,
I ain't gotta tear it down, I just wanna see the thang!
Ashanti girl I really do admire ya
Plus I really wanna tear it down with Mya,
that Dip it Low chick I like the way she get it on,
Back It Up and I'm a tear it down Ms. Milian
and you know I can't forget about Mariah
Do ya thang baby girl you on fiyah,
The way she Back it Up, you know that I be looking
I'm bout to make my move on Ciara on her Cookies ( and her Goodies)

Chorus Repeat 8 times

All my ladies back it up
you know that I'm a tear it down
I seen you watching girl don't be actin scared now
bring that over hear and let me get at you
tell ya girl I got plenty she can get it too
you got a pretty face, slim waist, nice shape
I wanna see you make it bounce until ya thighs ache
I'm just having fun you know how I be actin up
Don't be selfish girlfriend go ahead and Back It Up

Chorus Repeat 8 times


The G4CE Album 2004
Throw ya Drinks Up Single 2004
Back it Up Single 2007
What you Talking Bout? Single 2007
Holla At Daddy Single 2007

The Holla Man Album 2007

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Back it Up has charted on:

Top 40 Indie Tracks
Top 40 Hot AC Tracks
Top 40 College Tracks

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10 songs
Back It Up
What you Talkin Bout
So Cool
Like It Like That
Shut Em Down
When Da Hood Come Out