There is no limit to what this artist can do with her voice, a beautiful and natural sound jacki's music is a cross between that original R&B sound and a urban influence. A sound that is soulful and vibrant. lyrics from the heart not following trends but sure to start new ones.


Jacki is a well established R&B singer and song writer. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Jacki started singing in church on the junior choir and has aggressively pursued a singing career ever since. As a little girl, audiences exclaimed how talented she was and how blessed she is to have such a powerful instrument. Jacki is able to capture any audience with her strong voice, incredible range, and alluring lyrics.

Jacki is not only talented but beautiful. As a teenager Jacki entered a local beauty pageant, where she gave her first solo performance and won first place. Since then, Jacki has won countless singing competitions and has performed at many special engagements, such as weddings due to multiple requests. She sang at the Victorian 5 Theatre in New York. She entered a contest called “Who’s Next To Blow” on WURD 900am, Jacki won that contest and her single “Babysitter” aired on that station. Her song “Babysitter” touches the heart of anybody in a loving relationship and describes the common struggle of balancing one’s work and family. Jacki has also grabbed the attention of, one of Philadelphia's most popular R&B and Hip-Hop radio stations, WUSL Power98.9fm where she was invited to be a quest on "The Hot Boys,” Home Town Jams segment, where her single, "lies" aired. Her song "lies" describes how a relationship can go bad if a partner is not honest about his or her intentions for the relationship. Anyone who has heard Jacki's songs, overwhelmingly agree that her music evokes emotion and that her songs tell stories that people can relate to.

Today Jacki is well known in the city of Philadelphia as a multi-talented artist. She writes her own lyrics and is a founding partner of C & J Entertainment, where she is the featured artist. Jacki is dedicated and passionate about her music, and recently co-produced her CD entitled “Moving On”. Jacki's CD is obtainable through retail sales and digital downloads through some popular websites, such as Apple iTunes, Rhapsody and many more. Jacki's CD has created quite a buzz in the city and abroad. During her CD release party she was approached by EMI Records who came to witness the talent of this star on the rise. People all over the world have been touched by the unique talent of this artist. Her album has sold in Japan, England and China. Jacki’s phenomenal masterpiece has received rave reviews from prominent artists, and music producers.

Jacki has the experience and ambition to succeed in the music industry. There is no doubt that in the near future Jacki will become one of the world’s most popular R&B singers and song writers.
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Release: 2006 Album "Moving On"
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Set List

R&B sets can run from 30 to 45 mins, three to 5 songs per set. Normally starting with fast upbeat songs depending on the audience
songs list consist of, Lies, In the Club, Babysitter, You Came along and Moving On and covers