John Morrison and Jacki Cooper

John Morrison and Jacki Cooper

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS
BandJazzAdult Contemporary

Jacki Cooper is a Sydney based Jazz vocalist who performs with her husband John Morrison in their quartet and his big band, Swing City.


Jacki Cooper has a voice that defies putting into a category. She is able to swing hard, scat and bebop like a horn, groove into soul and funk, sing a blues that will break your heart, then touch your soul with a sweet ballad. She includes Anita O'Day, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Sarah Vaughan, Mark Murphy and Diana Krall and Kitty Margolis as influences.


Play Me

Written By: Jacki Cooper

Hold me close
Let me feel you behind me
Run your hand
Down the length of my spine
And then pluck me like a grape from a vine

Feel me rock
Feel me groove
Feel me roll baby
Come on now feel me move
And when I sway
Baby play, play me

Find your rhythm
Baby take it slow
That's the way I like it
How did you ever know
Now don't stop til you hear me singing sweet and low



You don't have to try to turn me on
You just have to whisper my name
Don't know what I did before you came along
But I'm through with playing those games


Don't Die Wond'rin'

Written By: Jacki Cooper

if you're sitting there wondrin' maybe it's time to move on
Don't waste no time cos maybe it's time to get gone
Well I'm here to tell ya
Just get in that car and drive
Oh baby don't die wond'rin'
Or you might just miss out on life

If you're too scared of what lies on the road ahead
Don't worry babe it's better than stayin' in bed
The road less travelled may be all trouble and strife
But if you're gonna die wond'rin'
You might just miss out on life

There goes an old sayin' live fast and die young
I'd rather die old and be the only one
Stop and smell the roses there'll be no regrets
Oh you might have a good time yet

When you're sitting on a mountain top in sunny Nepal
That's when you can wonder 'bout the meaning of it all
Don't stop to wonder how you're gonna survive
Oh baby don't die wond'rin' cos you'll miss out on this crazy old life


Jacki Cooper and Friends (JC001) Independant release 2000
Love For Sale (JC002) Independant release 2002
John Morrison and Jacki Cooper with New Generation Live in Thredbo
Available to hear and purchase at

Set List

Our set list depends on the type of gig/venue. While we play all the typical jazz standards, we also play plenty of "pub jazz" which includes a lot of funk, blues and soul. A standard gig is 4 hours long including 4 x 40 minute sets.