Jackie Henrion

Jackie Henrion


“She isn’t a one-dimensional folk artist; rather, the style of her tunes shifts with the content of her words,her voice brimming with well-balanced humor and grown-up acceptance. The beauty...doesn’t dazzle with bright lights but lights a candle in a darkened room"(All About Jazz) www.mamaloose.com


"Songs that remind us who we love" describes Jackie's performances. Her astonishing playlist of close to one hundred and fifty songs includes covers of La Chanson Des Vieux Amants, Gracias A La Vida as well as touching renditions of The Rose and her own original songs. Whether it’s the romance you have or the one you long for, she touches a deep chord when she performs in café’s, clubs and private functions in her home town of New York and near her retreat in Hope, Idaho.

“I grew up in Greenwich Village around the cafes, during the 'beatnik' era of the 50's and 60's, the daughter of two artists who met at Cooper Union. Having studied classical piano from 6 years old, and picked up the guitar at 11 to sing in Washington Square Park. She learned over 200 songs by Dylan, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Janis Ian and host of others that defined folk scene in the 60's and 70's.

After a long journey through a white collar professional career, Jackie returned to singing and songwriting in 1995, performing with an all-woman bluegrass band called “Local Honey” in Northern Idaho. Her first album "Tickle Monster" was released 1998. Written as a result of her "Gift-A-Song" program described on her website, it is a collection of lullabies to grow with.

As a result of workshops with Pat Pattison (Berklee), Alex Forbes, Jon Vezner, Steve Seskin, an album of songs "Mama Loose" was released in 2008 and is available on her website for personal and commercial licensing powered by the unique, one-stop license and contract engine, LicenseQuote.

She is currently working on her next album due for release in 2011 which includes her songs, "Birthplace of Diamonds," which speaks to how women want to be loved and dark beauty.


Maybe That's Me

Written By: Jackie Henrion

You reach out, mumble "morning"
My alarms sound a warning
You're groping for a clue
About what we’re going through

Maybe you need some time alone
Maybe you need to run free
Or maybe -- that's me

Our daily moves
Well-worn grooves
Set In stones of friends and family
But these stones bring us to our knees

Maybe you need some other friends
Maybe you dream what life could be
Or maybe -- that's me

It's easier to say that you're the one
The reason for all the things I have and haven't done

Night's blanket of rest
Still-born questions acquiesce
And return to the womb
Of answers inside this room

Maybe you need to stretch your wings
Maybe your walls won't let you see
Or maybe --- that's me
Just maybe---that’s me

Believe In Me

Written By: Jackie Henrion

Have you lost it?
My magician who can't pretend
An illusion gone wrong
Your losing another friend
In the darkness of an endless dream
Has your compass disappeared
Let me be your beacon
To navigate your fears

Believe in me
When reality's in ruins
Believe in me
Love heals the deepest wounds
Though I may not always be in view
I’ll always be with you

We're artists of escape:
Houdinis with secret keys
We only feel safe
With a change of clothes in a packed valise
But you are the only one
I've ever said this to
I've finally found solid ground
I'm not leaving you

(repeat chorus)

Let it be a prayer
For you and me
A secret, sacred plea

(repeat chorus)

Cozier With No

Written By: Jackie Henrion

The cover of the magazine said “YES”
It meant all things are possible I guess
But I'm no longer in that undertow
Cause I'm getting cozier with no

My friends invite me to the local store
But I don't feel the need to need much anymore
I still wear things I bought ten years ago
Cause I'm getting cozier with no

Life may be getting faster every day
But I don't have to live that way
Now my speed's adagio
Like an underwater dancer in a tidal flow

I get so many catalogues these days
They're really good for stoking up a wood fire blaze
I love to watch the warm afterglow
Just chillin' as shadows grow

Cause I'm getting cozier with no.....
I'm getting cozier --- with no....


Written By: Jackie Henrion

Another politician's getting busted
Another terror cell is getting dusted
Another corporate entity's mistrusted
Melinda is disgusted

Another Sufi woman poet dies
Another drug is plugging tighter thighs
A human gene patented for enterprise
Melinda can't sleep so she buys

She doesn't read the news
Red herrings, white lies, the blues
The balance of her life is a delicate chore
Between the resonance of love and the dogs of war
Between the resonance of love and the dogs of war

Another man has gone back to his wife
His criticism cuts her like a knife
Just playing for a pass to paradise
But she wonders if it's worth the price

A fantasy draws pictures in her mind
She leaves unanswered questions far behind
The warm waves taste her skin, she's undefined
The sand so white for moments she is blind

(repeat chorus)

This Day With You

Written By: Jackie Henrion

Pressed flowers, folded photographs
Tears that could not fall
Old loves of mine, lies intertwined
Not knowing me at all

All these things that are a part of me
I cannot make them new
But tomorrow I'll look back and say
I loved this day with you

Furtive smiles and hiding places
Feelings underground
A child that looked up in wonder
And cried without a sound

(repeat chorus)

Your eyes are a palette of blues and grays
Your music is so clear
Your fire draws me in from a winter’s night
Your touch has led me here

Like the veils of Scheherazade
Layers I have found
Peeling off like flower petals
Falling softly to the ground

(repeat chorus)

The Messenger

Written By: Jackie Henrion

The messenger has just arrived
Stumbling through the gate
Like a chopper on a Saigon roof
Almost too late
Through swamps of bile and desert miles
She barely made it through
Tembling she hands
The tattered scroll to you

The seal is unbroken
But something’s clearly wrong
You know what’s in the message
You’ve known it all along
But you feel too weak to open it
From fatigue and fear
It says you’ve gotta move
It says get out of here!

But you’ve worked for decades
Building the dream
The family, factory, fantasy
The silent scream
But now you’re hanging by a thread
From the fabric of your life
Slowly sliding on the tears
When you know you need the knife

But a plan is not an action
It’s the details that you dread
Feeble failures
Keep running through your head
But one day there’s no turning back
You’ll find the key
Then there’s only open doors
Then there’s only free!

The seal is unbroken
But something’s clearly wrong
You know what’s in the message
You’ve known it all along
Now you’re not too weak
There’s anger for the fear
It says you gotta move
It says get outta here!

Mama Loose

Written By: Jackie Henrion

A mother's child
Grabs the tendrils of her hair
Their laughter lingers
As she uncurls the tiny fingers
Saying softly:

Everything that's right
Is the opposite of tight
Let your mama loose, let your mama loose, mama loose

A husband and wife
Drift through pictures of their life
He asks "where did you go"
As she dips her foot in the river's flow
Saying softly:

(repeat chorus)

She sits by the bed
Nothing left unsaid
She watches as worries cease
In the smile of ultimate release
Saying softly:

(repeat chorus)


Written By: Jackie Henrion

Standing alone on an icy slope of crystal fear
My thoughts ignite like mercury light
And then it's clear

My life's like skiing down a mountainside
It feels like falling if I do it right
Lose the old stuff, be unsatisfied
The more I let go, the more I get - to be alive

I stop to rest, heaving chest and burning thighs
Ready to quit, enough of this
Then I realize

(repeat chorus)

I take the lift or struggle through the drift, driven to succeed
But I’ll come down sometime, and there’s no safe incline
No safe speed

(repeat chorus)

Life's like skiing........................down

This Waltz Is Real

Written By: Jackie Henrion

You reach out to beckon
And I place my soul in your palm
We slowly walk to the dance floor
I lean on your arm

Our glides aren’t the smoothest
Our steps not sure enough
But this waltz is surely the purest
Expression of our love

As you wrap your arms around me
We become young as we feel
That this dance will go on forever
And only this waltz is real

Sometimes you lead our footsteps
Sometimes I get to lead too
Sometimes we move together
Like a Fred and Ginger revue

I whisper sweet nothings you can't hear
And you point out things I can't see
But your body is pressed against mine
And that's all that matters to me

(repeat chorus)

You twirl me around with laughter
My skirt flows up near my thighs
I slyly grin up at you
The twinkle is still in your eyes

But I fear this dance may be ending
So let us go 'round one time more
Please tell the band to keep playing
And we'll start out again as before

(repeat chorus)

The Stage

Written By: Jackie Henrion

You crawl over to the bedside
From where your fevered body thrashes
Your sheets are damp and sweaty
It's not the cold flu, it's hot flashes

You used to gaze down in the shower
As water washed away the pain
Now you stand and watch in horror
As the hair you used to have flows down the drain

You have
Reached the stage---
Done with rehearsals
Now you can act---
Your age

Volcanoes seethe inside you
Moods of doubt, rage and shame
You look around to see who's noticed
And then you look for someone else to blame

(repeat chorus)

Rosy days are gone, but quit your whining
‘Cause even this cloud’s got a silver lining

See there's no more monthly curse to haunt you
You buy yourself a new red car
You flirt with the hot new workout trainer
And you get senior discounts at the bar

(repeat chorus 2x)

Will I Remember (Henrion/Bruce Bishop)

Written By: Jackie Henrion & Bruce Bishop

I climb the stairs
But can't remember why
Against the chill
I close the window
A sense of something lost
Perhaps a set of keys
Honey have you seen?
But there’s no answer

A rusty hoe
Lies in the garden
Unfinished row
Sparkles with frost
A woolen blanket that
I've stitched so many times
Reminds me of something
‘Round my shoulders

Will I remember come December
The warmth of you with me
Will I remember come December
Will I...?
Will We?

I see the note
Tucked in the mirror frame
The one you wrote
As leaves where changing
A tear across the fold
Obscures a line or two
But not the part that says
I love you

(repeat chorus)

Aislinn's Psalm

Written By: Jackie Henrion

Cot idie discerem aliquia novus
(each day I learn something new)
pulchritudio et verita sunt ipsissimum
(such as beauty and truth are the same)
Exemplar et animi nutari perpetuo
(The ideal and the spirit change continuously)
Ignorarem tamen eligeram
(although I may never know the answers, I will chose)
Exciperem vitae quia sum deae potentis
(For I am my own most powerful goddess)

Reduced to Possession

Written By: Jackie Henrion

Ages ago he said "Meet me at 'D' dock",
His boat was called 'The Reducer'"
So I asked him "What's up with that name?"
He said "I'll explain, cast off and I'll juice her."
"Most fishing is catch and release"
With a wink he said "There's an expression -
When a trophy-sized fish swallows the hook
Sometimes she's reduced to possession -
On my boat, she's reduced to possession."

So at yesterday's coffee stop who do I see
My old friend way over there
I pulled up a chair, and he looked at me
His eyes deep with despair
He tells me this sad story
He said "I'm counting on your discretion,
I'm out on the deck, I'm gasping for air
She's reduced me to possession
She's reduced me---- to possession."

(instrumental break)

He recounted the fight that he put up that night
But the line to his heart was a heavy pound test
"This is worse than a brew-driven thirst
There’s no angler more obsessed
'Cause when she bent down with her net
Thinking that she'd caught a fresh-un
I jumped in her creel, and it was so real
She reduced me to possession
She reduced me ---- to possession"

After a while, I saw my friend smile
Couldn't tell if I’d seen a tear
But I knew that he'd found something that I'll
Be fishing around for many a year
'Cause now that my friend is on ice
He said "Somewhere in here there's a lesson:
Catch and release ain't nothing like when
She reduced me to possession
Yeah now that my friend is on ice
He said “somewhere in here there’s a lesson
Catch and release ain’t nothin’
Now that she’s reduced me to possession
She’s reduced me to possession!”

High Hopes Cafe

Written By: Jackie Henrion

There’s a place at the end of an Indian trail
Where miners and loggers followed by rail
Ghosts of gamblers from the red light hotel
All here in search of an elusive grail

Welcome to the High Hopes Cafe
An oasis in the desert
Of the day after day
You can have it all at the dreamer’s buffet
At the High Hopes Cafe

There’s a corner for lovers, a back door for thieves
A lake view for wistful executive chiefs
A stage bathed in a golden glow
Where Lady Luck mounts a one-woman show

(repeat chorus)

Come to play
Come to grieve
Some fade away
Some -- never leave

(repeat chorus)


Written By: Jackie Henrion

You've heard of the house of the rising sun
New Orleans, Frisco even Denver had one
But here’s a tale of every town, a bit of history
'Bout a place called Hope
And a woman by the name of Marie

When young Marie descended from the train cars
Men strained to stare down from Hope's ten bars
This dream clad in emerald green was a sight to see
In this place called Hope
A woman by the name of Marie

She went to work at the grandest hotel
She was hired to keep house then kept the books as well
Surviving in the wild northwest like a cliff-dwelling tree
In a place called Hope
A woman by the name of Marie

(instrumental break)

It was broken hearts and busted backs in the forest,lakes and mines
So men paid for diversions of all imaginable kinds
She studied the trade, some say intimately
In this place called Hope,
A woman by the name of Marie

Still there when the headlines blared that the stock market fell
Then the owner played a losing hand and lost the hotel
But she'd saved enough to buy the mortgage deed
In this place called Hope,
A woman by the name of Marie

But her standards were high when it came to romance
Men had to bathe before they were relieved of their pants
She had charm wit and brains only wives could hate
If a man could please her ladies, she might reduce his rate.

While resting with her roses three boys stopped by for fun
She grinned right back and told them "you're too young"
"But for your price I'll show you a dance you'll never see
In this town called Hope"
Said the woman by the name of Marie

So if you pass north Idaho any time soon
Stop at the Hope Hotel's Soiled Dove Saloon
She's an odalisque in stained glass now set to oversee
This place called Hope,
A woman by the name of Marie


CD Birthplace of Diamonds (c)2010 (Recording currently)
CD Mama Loose (c) 2008
CD The Tickle Monster (c) 1998
Jango Radio

Set List

2 to 3 hours: (Without Music)
Original songs (c) Jackie Henrion 35+ songs including:
Hi-Hopes Cafe, The Stage, Believe In Me, Cozier With No, Marie, The Messenger, Melinda, This Waltz Is Real, This Day With You, Skiing, Mamaloose, Reduced To Possession, New Stuff Today, Maybe It's Me, Will I Remember, The Tickle Monster, Jesse's Mountain, Medieval Times, Aislinn's Psalm, Maid With The Bonnie Blue Eyes, Big Brother Blues, Nepalese Rose, Brookabye, Birthplace of Diamonds, This Loneliness, Docent of the Dark, So Alone, My Unfinished Song, Old Blue Pickup Lines, Buy Some Time, The Python and the Falcon, Universal Key, Thanks To You.
Over 150 covers:
PAUL SIMON: April Come She Will, Dangling
Conversation, Kathy's Song, Patterns, Sounds of Silence, The Boxer, Scarborough Fair
BOB DYLAN: Clothesline Saga, Farewell Angelina, If You Were A Carpenter, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Masters Of War, Don't Think Twice, Hollis Brown, Blowin In The Wind
DAR WILLIAMS: Christians & Pagans,