Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian

 New York, New York, USA

Stand combines heartfelt energy and excellent song craftmanship to deliver songs that range from loud and gritty to mellow and dramatic. Their combination of 2 very harmonic vocalists over hookie guitar lines provide a breath of fresh air in a music world full of mundane rock and puffy pop.


Jackie is the youngest of 6 children, originally from Wisconsin and enjoys video games, go-karts, hackysack, horseback riding & other traditional tiny-child activities in an effort to block out reality. She lives in Los Angeles with her new husband (who makes VIDEO GAMES for a LIVING) which effects her comedy and conversation.


Cake Is Not My Downfall, Circus People, and (upcoming) It Is Never Going To Be Bread

Set List

Jackie's dad sells aluminum siding and is really interested in passing on that skill-set to all of his kids. She is the youngest of six with four older brothers and an older sister. Jackie fights it and watches from the sidelines from Los Angeles as she plays video games with her husband who's love of all games, toys and other people create a lot of fodder for comedy.