Jack Knife

Jack Knife

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Jack Knife resembles all kinds of rock n´roll, from The Beatles, to Oasis, all mixed with a garage sound from local venues in Madrid. Lots of energy playing live and outstanding melodies that make crowds sing along most of the show.


Jack Knife was formed in 2009, in the outskirts of Madrid by guys in their early twenties.
The origin of the band has its origin in a song by The Beatles "Hey Bulldog" in which the lyrics say "jack knife in your sweaty hands".
The band members are friends from school, and it all began in a undrground garage where melodies and songs started flourishing.
Soon Jack Knife would be playing the local venues of the Madrid rock n´roll scene, making every night a party and bonding every night with an increasing crowd.

In 2010 the band recorded a first EP with 3 songs: "Stranded", "This Mother", Be Yourself", and was nicely accepted by the fans. Now Jack Knife has released a new demo CD with which they hope to gain the medias interest.