Jackleg is an incomparable mix of rock, funk, jazz and punk. Jackleg comes with all dimensions available, but though vastly eclectic, you can always hear the blue blood rock roots coming through that have warmed the hearts and shook the bones of "legs" everywhere.


Wielding original rock, funk, jazz and punk twisted into a jammin' mountain blues trip that is sure to get everyone on their feet, Jackleg delights in bringing its authentic thrust to the people. Jackleg was born high in the headwaters of Granite County, Montana by two brothers and a cousin on a family ranch nestled in the thick timber of the Ross Fork Valley. The band was literally shaped by the contrasting elements of its surroundings--peaceful, flower-dotted meadows blanket land in the shadow of fierce mountain ranges--so Jackleg has the flow and rhythm of the meadows but is ready at all times to honor the teeth of the peaks. It is this organic ability to jam seamlessly between extremes that gives Jackleg its unparalleled sound. The band has taken many forms over the years, but recently has coalesced maturity and new bursts of tone and soul so that the future is more promising than ever. Enamored with life and the oppourtunity to express its complexities and proverbial truths with music, the band is truly a family of musicians who want to share the musical heights their strong personal bonds allow.


Box of Heads
Rock For Your Lives

Set List

A recent set list is included below. We can play any set configuration desired. Long, short, groove or rock punch. Though we play mostly originals, we do have a solid cover repertoire includes classics like: Can You See Me, Crosstown Traffic, Roadhouse Blues, Love Me Two Times, Last Dance with Mary Jane, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Folsom Prison, Fat Albert, Interstate Lovesong, and many others.

Hangover Blues
Ole # 10
Means Everything
Double Down
Burgundy Moon
Once Was Twice
Can You See Me
Then You Come By
Get That
Modern Life
Cissy Strut
Whiskey Momma
Love Me 2 Times
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Last Dance w/ Mary Jane
Crosstown Traffic
Fat Albert
Folsom Prison
Roadhouse Blues

Forever Again
Green Envy
Funny With the Oney
Funked Over
Stone Jazz
Interstate Love Song
Bless Me
Thesse slide jam song

The weight
Jug Eyes
Look a Py Py
Feelin Alright
Cocaine blu