Jack Levitt

Jack Levitt

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Jack Levitt is a Texas band that appeals to all music listeners. Each of the members brings a unique style to the music that is created collectivly. While labeled as Country/Americana, Jack Levitt has done well at all venues in front of all types of audiences. Look for them in a town near you!!!!


Texas has a music style all its own with blends and variations that stretch beyond the normal limitations of any musical genre. Coming straight out of the heart of Texas is Jack Levitt, a band comprised of four individuals forged together with a common goal: to create original music through their own inspirations. While many bands have their overall unique sound, this foursome applies a subtle spice to each song providing a distinctive flavor making each song an experience onto its own. This alleviates the monotony of each song sounding the same and provides a truly unique listening experience. It is because each member provides such a different influence to this band, that when asked what type of music they play the only truly adequate answer is simply “Texas Music!”

The subtle differences of Jack Levitt can only come from the individuals themselves and their own musical background. Bob Curry has been a singer/songwriter/guitar prodigy on the Texas music scene for almost a decade now and is well known in many Texas venues and even, at times, affectionately referred to as “Coach.” Practically a legend in his humble all-American home town, Yorktown TX, Bob brings a real sense of Texas music with influences from classic country to Johnny Cash to Pearl Jam.

The foundation of any band is in the rhythm; locking the rhythm and melody together is the job of the bass player. For Jack Levitt this role is filled by none other than Lenny Sanchez, a musical mastermind of his own merit. Lenny hails from McAllen TX, where at the age of 17 he left his place of abode in search of a purpose. In 2003 after studying music at Texas Tech, fate, and a sudden twist of employment, brought him to San Antonio where ,through the graces of the powers that be, he met Bob. Knowing that together they were armed to start a revolution, Bob and Lenny formed Jack Levitt. Lenny’s musical background is deep and vast with a variety of influences from Classical Baroque to Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Now on rhythm guitar, Ernie Vasquez had originally joined the band as their drummer. With as much as Jack Levitt had progressed musically by then, they could not simply pick up the want-adds so they had to turn to a very short list of seasoned pros. Ernie Vasquez has been in the music scene for over 10 years touring with several different bands across the North American continent. Ernie now provides the sultry rhythm guitar for Jack Levitt through six strings of heavenly goodness as well as the perfectly matched harmonized vocals. Originally from Brownsville TX, Ernie has been a San Antonio native for many years. His musical influences range from progressive Tejano to Steve Miller to The Police and even to some of the other established Texas musicians.

Replacing Ernie on Drums is Manny Gomez. Still a mystery as to how this union came about. There is not much that is known about this San Antonio native other than the fact that he is from San Antonio. Quiet and reserved, his overall mystique clouds over his exterior only allowing you to focus the thunderous pulse coming from his drums. The shear nature of his drumming cannot be traced to any one type of music. This half-man half-machine can emulate any style of music so well that it almost baffles the mind. His technical ability is accurate and precise. His execution, flawless. His soul is filled with such darkness that his uncanny sense of tempo seem driven by an unnatural force. With Lenny locking down the groove coupled with this percussion demigod on drums there is no better conduit for Jack Levitt to reach into your chest and pull out your still-beating heart and coat it with the rich creamy goodness that is true Texas Music.


Midnite Train

Written By: Bob Curry

I found myself on a midnite train
Coming back home headed from the place that I came
I left town four years ago
Now this small town job is all I’ve got to show.

When I left town I had nothing left to loose.
Now I’m stuck here in the real world, wrapped up in the blues.
I’m left to dream of the night
When I’ll join my heroes underneath those lights.

Chasing dreams is as worthless as a whisper in the wind
That’s if you let go to what might have been.
Dreams are all that keep the beating heart alive.
When you stop dreaming that’s when you know its time to die.

To little to late, that’s what they all say.
I’ve got to get my priority straight.
I’m headed down a road of no return.
In the end you’ll find me crashed and burned.

One life to live, I’ve got only one chance.
That’s all I need to make those people dance.
Guitar in hand, I’ll play their favorite songs.
Oh please Lord, I hope it won’t be long.


Hey you there mister, You up on the stage
Give me one chance and I’ll gladly take your place.
Singing songs here in this little dive,
Man I know what it means to be alive.


To young to die
To young to die

11 Steps to Go

Written By: Bob Curry

11 Steps to Go
Came home again late last night, thought I’d had my last fight.
Decided this wasn’t going to be to hard.
Looked in the mirror and stated my case, admitted my problem said this was my place
Old will power threw his trump card.

Have you ever seen such an ugly face.
I promise there is such a place.
With you my friends I’m not alone.
Only 11 steps to go.

So there’s this problem I can’t quit, they say the hardest part is to admit
They never told me at the bar.
This soul I’ve got to purge, but still I fight the urge.
I guess I haven’t gone to far.


So I’ll have one more drink, just a little time to think.
About just what I’ve got to do.
It’ll buy me a little more time, cheap whiskey and home made wine.
Until tomorrow I am through


Anonymously I’ll take the stand, alcohol gone from my right hand.
It’s always harder than what they say, Drunk tomorrow sober today.
Only 11 steps to go.

The Invincible Man

Written By: Bob Curry

The Invincible Man

Admired by Many and a friend to us all.
A home town boy from a town so small.
One day went fishing, Never thought he’d catch a whale.
In a Ford pickup truck, he set sail.

There was one woman, who was always around.
Didn’t think twice about hanging around.
When she’d get homesick, she’d look to the sky.
Then she left and never said goodbye.

Death is the hardest part of living
Hate is the first half of forgiving.
I found you there in that bottle again.
Those pills weren’t made for the pain that you’re in.

These are the wounds that only time can heal.
For someone who lived through a nightmare that’s real.
Fate can only take you as far as you can go.
The rest is up to God and that’s not for you to know.


There’s a hole in a soul, through a man that’s gone wild.
Emptyness is filled with the love of a child.
Though your heart is broken, time will surely mend.
That’ll be the end of the pain that your in.

She Wants Me

Written By: Bob Curry

She Wants Me

Honky-tonk dancehall
Its Friday night I got it all
Ladies out their looking fine,
The lucky one I’ll make her mine
Come on tell me what you think,
I’d like to buy you a drink and take you home.

God Bless them blue jeans
Your looking like a beauty queen
Your just another that’ll be like the others
Baby don’t fear it oh girl when you hear it,
But lets get it on.

You got what I want, I got what you need
O come on baby its agreed.
You’re making it plain for me to see….
I think you want me.

Baby don’t fight it,
You’ll see that you like
Wild times of circumstance
Belly rubbing slow dance
Let’s pick a slow song, so we can do it all night long.

Your plans are not the same,
And baby that’s just the game
Your playing hard to get and I ain’t leaving yet
I can tell what you think by the way you’re not looking at me.


It was something I said,
Cause her drink is on my head.
It was all wrong and
I am glad that she is gone.
Who’s the next lucky girl, I’m gonna rock her world.

Honky-tonk dancehall
Its Friday night I got it all
Ladies out their looking fine
The luck one I’ll make her mine…. I think you want me.

Joel's Song

Written By: Joel Pitman

Joel’s Song

There’s not much I haven’t seen
Its not hard to live out your dreams.
You tell me that I got to get away
But your heart is telling me to stay.

I want to dance in the sun.
Fall so deep in love.
No one can truly mention,
What its all about.

We all come with a past.
Some good and some oh so bad.
Your telling me that I got to get away
But your heart is telling me to stay.


Lying in the grass
Singing your sweet melody
You don’t know nothing at all
You don’t know what you mean to me.



Viva la Revolucion (live at the Revolution Room)- out of print
Conversations with a Chupacabra

Jack Levitt is
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Set List

Will Play for Beer
Joel's Song
Small Town TX
90 to Nothing
Morning Never Forgets
11 Steps to Go
The Invincible Man
Midnight Train
She Wants Me
Everythings Going Right

Unwound- George Strait
Hey Joe- Jimi Hendrix
Nobody's Girl- Reckless Kelly
Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah- Reckless Kelly
Castanets- Alejandro Escobedo
La Grange- ZZTop
Honkey Tonk Woman- Rolling Stones
Mama Tried- Merle Haggard
Feel Like Making Love- Bad Company
What is and What Should Never Be- Led Zepplelin
Hey Good Looking- Hank Williams