Jack Montgomery and Watersprite

Jack Montgomery and Watersprite

 Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

My original music has been described as "traditional music with a twist," "Mythic Folk" and "Celtic Fusion." I try not to rely on the standard renditions of traditional Celtic and American tunes but rather explore new arrangements and often venture into the worlds of myth, fantasy and spirituality.


Jack Montgomery: Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, Jack began studying guitar at age thirteen. After playing music as a solo performer and in bands in and around Columbia and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during the late 1960s and '70s, Jack retired from music in the '80s until he joined the Kentucky folk band Lost River in 2000 until 2005, Shadowdancer from 2005 to 2009, and Watersprite from 2009 to the present. Jack has entertained the troops several times at Fort Campbell, KY, and sung at the famous Charleston, SC Aquarium, as well as at various festivals, coffee houses, and appeared twice on the local television show, Mid-day Live, WBKO Bowling Green. Jack's music has been featured on several college and Internet radio stations, as well as the PBS/KET television show Mixed Media. Jack Montgomery with Watersprite performs regularly in and around Bowling Green, Hopkinsville and Louisville, KY, Nashville and Clarksville, TN, and French Lick, IN. Watersprite has upcoming concerts at such venues as the Bowling Green Public Library, Java City Caf, Greener Groundz Coffee House, Montgomery Bell State Park, TN, and private festivals.

Jack plays guitar, bass, harmonica, banjo and Appalachian dulcimer.

Musical History:

Jack released his first musical CD entitled Onward to Avalon in 2002. Over 1,000 copies of "Onward to Avalon" have been sold worldwide. His second CD, Everywhere I Look, was released in 2004 and is selling well. "Tradition with a Twist" was released in 2008 and has received airplay in the U.S. and U.K. It has sold copies as far away as the Netherlands, Germany and other countries in continental Europe, Japan, and South Africa. In 2011, Jack released "Watersprite" which is named for the band and is selling really as a CD and the songs as singles.

In 2009, Jack formed Watersprite with his wife Lesley, along with Molly Kerby and Sarah Spinks they perform regularly at venues in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Jack writes his songs and has a passion for discovering older traditional material and giving it a new musical life.Their sound is focused around Jack's original compositions and arrangements as well as traditional Celtic and Americana music.


A Moment of Refuge

Written By: Jack Montgomery

Be witty, be charming, be all that you are,
Be a wish filled with wonder, attached to a star,
Be a beacon of hope, to those in despair
Or a moment of refuge, somewhere, out there

Verse 1:
How funny the world seems, with its market of fears,
How recklessly onward, it goes on through the years,
Struggling quite blindly, right into the breach,
As the smallest contentment, stays just out of reach

Verse 2:
For most of this life, we get played for the fool,
No matter our background, or things learned in school,
Like moths to the flame, on wings of desire,
So desperate to find love, then consumed by its fire. So… Refrain

Does it all seem contrived,? a theater absurd?
Penned by a madmen, who demands to be heard,
Who assigns us our parts, and prompts us our lines,
Then draws down the curtain, on this space and time

Verse 3:
Don’t ask me for answers, I don’t know the why,
Don’t blame me for sorrows, I only get by,
I’m just a companion, on this journey of days,
Can’t spare us your fates, or make it ok, but….

Verse 4:
If the weight of it all, seems to bear down on you,
Just drop by for tea, I won’t let you feel blue,
And should the mood strike us, we’ll share small delights,
Then languish till daybreak, in one moment, made right.

Copyright 2004 by Jack Montgomery/Shadow Dancer Music


"Onward to Avalon" was released in November 2002. So far, it has sold over 1,500 copies worldwide. "Everywhere I Look" was released in December 2004 and has sold over 1,200 copies worldwide through CDBABY and other distributors. "Tradition With a Twist" was released in March of 2008 and "Watersprite" was released in June of 2011 and is selling well in both domestic and foreign markets.


Set List

Our sets average 90 minutes and are a combination of original songs and adaptations of traditional Celtic and American music. We can present classic rock and folk covers, also.
Traditional tunes include:
She Moved Through the Fair
Misty Moisty Morning
John Riley
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wild Rover
Lord Franklin
John Barleycorn
Twa Corbies
Hal and Tow
Gentle Johnny
Gypsy Davey
Skye Boat Song
Pretty Polly