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"Jackmove Cd Review"

'Choose Your Own Title'

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There is finally a band from this town (Norfolk VA) that's worth a damn and this band is JACKMOVE. That's not to say that some bands from here aren't good but there are so very few. Jackmove are pretty damn good and sound like they have been together for 10 years or so. While mostly a ska (oh no!) band, Jackmove blend together so many other types of music to their sound. There is some punk, dub, jam and even a little hip hop thrown in there for good measure. This band is very, very energetic and sound like they would be one hell of a live show. I can't wait to see them at a local show.

The horn section on this disc is awesome. The two trumpets and a trombone sound so much better than most ska out there being released these days. While they aren't re-inventing music they are adding a new element I don't hear too often in music anymore. The guitars are pretty simple on this too but not in a bad way. They just aren't complex but seriously, what punk/ska band really tries to be the next Jimmy Page? The vocals on this are great as well. The singer has a very original sound and when these guys blow up everyone will be able to recognize his voice. Imagine a faster singing Tom Waits that rhymes and you can understand.

This cd is pretty damn good. There are some great songs that really hit home on this disc. I miss the Boathouse too and the song “Begging for the Boathouse” really does bring back some fond memories. I wonder if they are singing of any of the shows I went to. Some of the best songs on this cd are "Don't You Be My Neighbor" "A Punk Named Chance" and "Learn to Lose." “Buy me a Drink” is a great little instrumental (well almost instrumental) and really shows this band off as musicians.

All in all, this is a great band that has some serious talent within its ranks. As I have said before, I am looking forward to seeing them play live and I just hope they stick it out and maybe put a little flavor into the struggling Norfolk scene. It is so very needed here.

- Vincent Cd Reviews


We currently just released our second cd named Choose Your Own Title, everyone gets something different from our music so we let them decide what it should be called. We have currently sold 2000 copies in 6 months time. Two songs are getting airplay in colleges and radio stations on the east coast. Begging for the Boathouse and Biggest and Brightest. We also have the first cd which was released in 2004. A song on this cd called Drunken Tiger has been on many compilations across the U.S. and have gotten tons of airplay. Fan Favorite



Amazing talent, with so many influences its hard to place in one genre. They captivate crowds of all types, playing with multiple genre national artists such as The Roots, Cypress Hill, N.E.R.D, to Sum 41, Pennywise, Less Than Jake, Fall Out Boy, Angels and Airwaves, to even Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer. These guys are the total package the industry needs. Unfortunately they seem to be put in a genre that has never gotten its self fully off the ground: Ska. These boys dont mind and they hope they do bring light to a very amazing style of music and add their own twist. They are the opposite of alot of bands in the industry right now in which you hear an amazing cd and get a horrible show. Well with them you get an amazing cd and an absolute mind blowing experience for a live show. The crowds young and old will never stop moving from the minute the show starts. With influences from Fishbone(energy), Sublime, Sinatra, Run DMC, Led Zepplin, Jimmy Hendix, to jazz greats like Coltrain and Marsalis Family they all bring these influences in to their work. The story goes a little like this Suffolk, Virginia 1999: a few teenagers who relentlessly go to live shows in the Hampton Roads area start to imagine their own dream that is now Jackmove. Duane Timely on bass and Dennis Spence guitar and vocals search out a few other local musicians over the years and in 2002 the dream was complete. The vocals of Spence are very unique, comparable of a male Gwen Stefani mixed with some soul and a little bit of Mike Patten(Faith No More) to add a twist. He has a voice that will be easily recognized for years very much like Brad from Subllime, Akon, and Gwen, when you hear them you just know who it is. The guitar sounds are very rhythmic with an occasional solo to show his more technical side, with bass lines that are deep and nimble

The addition of fast paced drummer and human metronome Rob Chianelli, and keyboardist Scott Cumpston in recent 2007 would be the only change the boys have made since 2002. Chianelli another local musician since he was sixteen became the youngest member of Jackmove and the band will joke that he will be replaced by a drum machine if he doesn’t work out. Cumpston another long time local musician (RIO) came to be the final missing piece with his melodic yet church reggae style to fit into the mold. The true staple and backbone to Jackmove is the horn section that has been compared to and even ranked over national acts around the world. Travis Larson, Keith Johnston, and Sean-Patrick Hickey all with their own influences are a dominant and very innovative trio that can literally take your breath away with the raw power and vast repertoire they have available.

With no label, no real manager, but plenty of fans these boys are set out to conquer the music business with their own ambition to support them. Everyone has brought a little something to the mix; punk and ragtime, swing and metal, reggae and hip hop- all these various styles have been carefully blended, tweaked and reinvented to what they call the Jackmove sound.

The Virginia scene had never seen such raw energy, and the ability to mix so many styles have brought many a different fan base and many good tidings to the group. They have won many awards locally including album of the year, song of the year, best live performance, and are recently nominated again for the same such feats. They have appeared on over ten compilation discs across the U.S. and have played numerous national stages including the Warped Tour, The East Coast Surfing Championship, and The Norva with national acts including Sum 41, The Roots, Cypress Hill. N.E.R.D, Authority Zero, Fall out Boy, Yellow Card, The Slackers, The English Beat, Thursday, Big D and the Kids Table, Pennywise, Social Distortion and the list goes on.

They have toured up and down the east coast upon the release of their first album in 2004 titled Fifty-Fifty. First college parties and small bars at the time to now being known in most college towns and playing larger venues. With the recent release in late 2007 of their second album Choose Your Own Title, the guys are very busy touring and selling over 3000 copies by hand and countless numbers on iTunes. They have recently gained over 2000 friends (span of Dec. 1 2007 to Feb. 1 2008) on MySpace and are ranked in the top 10 unsigned ska bands in the world. With over 5000 live accredited playing hours they are fine tuned and ready to take any venue by storm. They pride themselves on being unique, and love to bring their sound to new crowds. They are very energetic and are sure to entertain from the youngest to the oldest. This will be an amazing year to come and hope you’re a part of it.