Jack Neilson

Jack Neilson


Maybe sounds reminding one of old Joni Mitchell,James Taylor,Randy Newman, John Sebastian,Paul Simon,Carla Banoff, rolled into one..My original songs are all influenced somehow or another by songwriters like these and usually from songs they released quite a while ago......


In December of 2006,I was lucky enough to be a part of a Katrina fund-raising tour which was started by Arlo Guthrie and Family. Riding the "City of New Orleans" train from Chicago to New Orleans, I opened all the shows for the likes of Arlo and his band featuring Gordon Titcomb,son Abe Guthrie and his dynamite band Exavier,including Timmie and KaliBabba=Also in the list of performers were,The Burns Sisters, John Flynn,Guy Davis, Cyrille Neville, Ramblin Jack Elliot, Willie Nelson, Arlo's and Willie's daughters,Ramsay Midwood, and others along the way ridin the Train Bound for Glory....

In February 2006, at the Folk Alliance in Austin, most of the tour performers were re-united to play the show again.
For me, it was like walkin in a dream.

As a solo performer,my covers tend to be John Gorka, Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman and I love Carla Banoff--My sets have never been accused of being too upbeat..Maybe thats why I prefer playing listening rooms, rather than Bourbon Street.....I'd rather play or hear an entire set of ballads than anything else, if it were up to me... forever..
My new favorite cover is by Antje Duvekot.


Debut CD,"Here I Go Again," released in 2003- streaming available on my website and CDbaby.com. Received airplay from tour with Arlo Guthrie and Friends all around the country and Canada. Radio play mostly in southern region and local New Orleans stations and Florida regions.Also streamed on FreshBlend Radio and other internet radio....

Set List

Thirteen original songs on my CD, "Here I Go Again"--Mostly shorter 3.5 minutish...Now I add a number of new songs which will be on my upsoming CD..
The covers I love to play at gigs seem to be the same with songs I love from Carla Banoff, Joni Mitchell, John Gorka, Paul Simon,Randy Newman and such....Most of the covers I play live are by these artists and with many being originally released thirty plus years ago......Their songs speak to me more than words can ever say..