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The best kept secret in music


"Foreplay with DJ Deanne, DJ Fate, Jackola, Bryan Luellen"

June 6th, 2007
Foreplay with DJ Deanne, DJ Fate, Jackola, Bryan Luellen
by Nora Spitznogle Jun 6, 2007 Therapy Nightclub and Lounge
Thursday, June 7, 9 p.m., $3

Music will be a huge part of Indy’s Pride weekend. The stars of the DJ world will perform at Foreplay on Thursday, June 7, at the Therapy Nightclub and Lounge. This is the first big event for sideTrack, an electronic music event and production organization. Foreplay expects to bring together Indy’s electronic music and gay communities. DJ Deanne headlines the evening. She spins once a month at Talbott Street, makes quarterly appearances on South Beach and has a weekly radio mix show, FixXxation, which airs on several radio stations. Deanne will put on a two-hour set for the event. Other DJs include sideTrack founders Bryan Luellen and Jackola. - NUVO Newsweekly


September 6th, 2007
by Paul F. P. Pogue
Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
Thursday nights, free, 21+

PLUSH, promoted by sideTrack Entertainment and co-founders Bryan Luellen and DJ Jackola every Thursday at Therapy Nightclub & Lounge, began as a one-time electronic music event in May, but it quickly became a weekly must-see destination for Indianapolis electronic music fans, including a successful “Foreplay” event tying into Indy Pride Week. The rotating schedule of DJs includes some of Indy’s brightest names. This Thursday, Sept. 27, DJs include Bryan Luellen (sideTrack resident), Taylor Norris, Charles, Kodama and Jackola.

NUVO: Can you give us an overview of the event?

Jackola: Every week the event features four local DJs, including one Therapy resident DJ [Adam Jay or Dozuki] and one sideTrack resident DJ [Jackola, DJ Fate or Bryan Luellen], plus two more from the area. When we started, Indy had one other electronic weekly on Thursdays: Keepin’ It Deep. In fact, we filled their void a month after leaving Therapy for Seven Nightclub. KID has since ended, making PLUSH Indy’s only weekly featuring electronic music/DJs.

NUVO: What’s the general atmosphere you’re going for?

Jackola: The general theme of the event is simply a laid-back atmosphere with dance music. The atmosphere is pretty chill and very friendly. People talk and sometimes dance, meet DJs, other fans of dance music. The audience generally likes what we’ve done. They also like our drink specials and the cozy atmosphere. Our niche has become a great mashing of different crowds — from DJs to electronic music fans to GLBT.

NUVO: What’s next for the event?

Jackola: From here, we plan to push more house music above other electronic genres, possibly moving towards an all-house evening. We also would like to start bringing in some out-of-town DJs, though for now it stands as the best place to hear local DJs. - NUVO Newsweekly

"Rockin' Review: Student promotes indie rock and hip-hop"

By Louis Jones, 2/19/06

Jack Shepler got his start in rock journalism at an early age. As an eighth-grader, he ran a Geocities-hosted music Web site called, which featured album reviews of Christian rock bands. Today, Shepler is the editor, web developer and main promoter for, an indie rock and hip-hop-focused music publication that has garnered attention from musicians and record labels alike.

"It got to the point where I had to open a P.O. Box so I stopped getting piles of CDs at my house," Shepler said.

Shepler said that about half of the albums he receives are from public relations people seeking press for their clients and the other half are from independent artists.

"Rock Music Review is Jack's idea," said senior Dave McGovern, one of the site's main contributors. "So he definitely deserves credit for doing all the web page and the initial contacting of PR people and building relationships and publicity."

At a 2005 Warped Tour photo shoot, Shepler exchanged business cards with former Rolling Stone photo editor Barry Brecheisen. Later that day, Brecheisen left a comment on one of Shepler's photos from the shoot on Rock Music Review that said: "Looks great, man. I think it might be better than my shot!"

Shepler has also photographed Green Day, Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday, and recently conducted an interview with post-rock luminaries Sigur Ros.

"I was definitely honored to speak with someone in the band," said Shepler. He cites the Icelandic innovators as one of his favorite groups.

Currently, Shepler is at work on a compilation cassette tape project under the working title, "Project Mix Tape." Side one, dubbed, "Indy Indie," will include contributions from regional artists such as Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, BIGBIGcar and Catch the Bear, and side two will feature enigmatic Atlantic Records stars Death From Above 1979. Shepler has established a rapport with several other major label artists whom he hopes will be added to the compilation.

"I figured that cassettes would be more noticeable than CDs," Shepler said of the album.

Shepler said that the idea for the tape project stemmed from a Rock Music Review t-shirt that he sold last semester, which featured the sarcastic phrase "Blank Tapes Killed the Music Industry."

"When blank tapes came about, the music energy freaked out and said it was gonna kill their profits and people were gonna stop buying, but that just wasn't the case," Shepler said.

The shirt is a jab at the current music industry claim that mp3 file-sharing will be the end of music as we know it.

"Mp3 downloading is really good for bands that are not known of," Shepler said. "You can be a completely unknown band and put a song on the internet, and if the song's good, people will notice it."

Shepler hopes to continue to expand Rock Music Review and to make sure that good Indiana bands get covered, he said.

"The next step would be to be an actual music publication that could pay writers," Shepler said. "I really don't mind just running the site and it just being what it is, but that would be pretty amazing," he added. - Ball State Daily News


Jackola has no productions yet released (have some in the works!). However, here's a list of upcoming and past DJ gigs featuring Jackola:

June 28 - Rachel's Cafe, Bloomington, IN
July 25 - Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY
August 2 - TBA Festival, Ft. Wayne, IN

June 19 - Tommie Sunshine @ Talbott Street Nightclub, Indianapolis
May 22 - JJ Flores & Steve Smooth (Chicago) @ Talbott Street Nightclub, Indianapolis
April 19 - with Chocolate the Freaky Afronaut (Brandon Kaye), Dan Evans, Colin B & more @ Rachel's Cafe, Bloomington, IN
April 17 - DJ Scotty Thomson (NYC) @ Therapy Nightclub, Indianapolis
April 4 - headlining with DJ Fate @ Mo's Tavern, Muncie, IN
February 15 - FREEZEPOP Concert @ RADIO RADIO, Indianapolis
February 14 - PLUSH LOVE @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge, Indianapolis
January 31 - PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge, Indianapolis
January 28 - UGLY MONDAY @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge, Indianapolis
1-3 JCKL minimal set, PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge


12-22 Keepin’ It Deep Sundays @ Lulu’s Restaurant & Cocktails (Indianapolis, IN)
12-13 Glam for the Holidays w/ DJ Shortee, Deanne @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
12-11 Konkrete Jungle @ The Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN)
11-15 K, THX! as part of sideTrack DJs @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
11-1 PLUSH (25th Edition) @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
10-31 The Asylum Halloween Part @ Club Level (Indianapolis, IN)
10-13 Electronic Showcase, Broad Ripple Fall Music Festival @ Indy CD & Vinyl (Indianapolis, IN)
10-4 PLUSH (Funky Birthday Edition) @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
9-13 PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
8-23 UGLY MONDAY @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
8-9 PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
7-21 UGLY MONDAY @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
7-5 PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
6-18 In-Store Performance @ Indy CD & Vinyl
6-7 FOREPLAY @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
5-24 PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
5-10 PLUSH @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge
3-30 Women’s Week @ Mo’s Tavern (Muncie, IN)
3-29 DANCE PARTY @ Doc’s Music Hall (Muncie, IN)
3-8 EDEN2 @ Talbott Street (Indianapolis, IN)
3-7 Mickey Avalon @ Talbott Street (Indianapolis, IN)
3-2 Therapy Nightclub (Indianapolis, IN)
2-9 Indiana Youth Group Valentine’s Dance (Indianapolis, IN)


12-31 ICE Ultra Lounge (New Years Eve)
12-26 Therapy Nightclub & Lounge (”Homo for the Holidays”)
12-23 ICE Ultra Lounge
12-16 ICE Ultra Lounge (PP - swingers)
12-7 Local’s Only (between sets - Ambulette show)
12-2 ICE Ultra Lounge (PP)
11-22 ICE Ultra Lounge (PP)
11-18 ICE Ultra Lounge
11-15 Mark III Taproom
11-11 ICE Ultra Lounge
11-8 Mark III Taproom
11-3 Mark III Taproom
11-1 Mark III Taproom
10-28 (DRAG SHOW)
10-25 Mark III Taproom
10-21 Mark III Taproom
10-18 Mark III Taproom
10-15 Luna Records (before Osobi Seksu In-Store Performance)
10-11 Mark III Taproom
10-4 Mark III Taproom
9-30 Mark III Taproom (DRAG SHOW)
9-27 Mark III Taproom
9-23 Mark III Taproom
9-20 Mark III Taproom
9-15 Mark III Taproom
9-13 Mark III Taproom
9-9 Water Skiiing Tournament - Ohio
9-6 Mark III Taproom
8-30 Mark III Taproom
8-25 Mark III Taproom
8-23 Mark III Taproom
8-19 Mark III Taproom
8-16 Mark III Taproom
8-15 The Vault in downtown Indianapolis
8-12 Local’s Only (vinyl — all day — MMS Standard Showcase)
8-11 Indy CD & Vinyl (vinyl — all day — MMS Rock Music Review / Showcase)
8-9 Mark III Taproom
8-5 Mark III Taproom
8-2 Mark III Taproom
7-26 HOUSEboat v2.0, Beaver Creek, KY
7-22 Mark III Taproom
7-19 Mark III Taproom
7-15 Mark III Taproom (Miss Gay Indiana in Review DRAG SHOW)
7-12 Mark III Taproom
7-8 Mark III Taproom
7-7 House Party
7-5 Mark III Taproom
7-1 Mark III Taproom
6-28 Mark III Taproom
6-24 Mark III Taproom (special house night)
6-21 Mark III Taproom
6-14 Mark III Taproom
6-7 Mark III Taproom
6-3 Mark III Taproom
5-31 Mark III Taproom
5-27 Mark III Taproom
5-26 house party @ La Casa de Jackola
5-20 Mark III Taproom (DRAG SHOW)
5-19 house party @ La Casa de Jackola
5-17 Mark III Taproom
5-10 Mark III Taproom
5-3 Mark III Taproom
4-29 Mark III Taproom (DRAG SHOW)
4-26 Mark III Taproom
4-22 Mark III Taproom
4-19 Mark III Taproom
4-15 Mark III Taproom
4-12 Mark III Taproom
4-8 Mark III Taproom
4-6 Washington Street Block Party
4-5 Mark III Taproom
4-1 Mark III Taproom
3-29 Mark III Taproom
3-25 Mark III Taproom (DRAG SHOW)
3-22 Mark III Taproom
3-18 Mark III Taproom
3-17 The Beer Barn
3-15 Mark III Taproom
3-11 Mark III Taproom
3-8 Mark III Taproom
3-4 Mark III Taproom
3-1 Mark III Taproom
2-25 Mark III Taproom (MARDI GRAS DRAG SHOW)
2-22 Mark III Taproom
2-18 Mark III Taproom
2-15 Mark III Taproom
2-11 Mark III Taproom
2-10 Mark III Taproom
2-4 Mark III Taproom
2-3 Mark III Taproom
1-28 Mark III Taproom (DRAG SHOW)
1-27 Mark III Taproom
1-21 Mark III Taproom



Music has always been at the heart of Jack Shepler, aka Jackola. Growing up Jack performed in many choirs as well as learned to play piano, giving him a strong musical background. All through high school his main interest was music and was a “bedroom DJ” aspiring for more, so he traded in his bass guitar for a pair of turntables and a mixer — he hasn’t left them alone since.
In 2003 he had his first “real” DJ gig — a benefit dance at his college that he repeated the following year. In late 2005 Jackola was offered a DJ residency at The Mark III Taproom in Muncie, Indiana, where he really honed his skills as a house DJ amongst other styles.
Jack promoted indie rock shows in Muncie under the name “Rock Music Review Showcase”, featuring bands like Everthus the Deadbeats, Everything, Now!, Brazil and touring bands, supporting and promoting his online music magazine, In early 2007 Jack graduated college and moved to Indianapolis where he quickly became a part of the local music scene - both electronic and indie rock.
In May 2007, Jack and some long time friends founded sideTrack Entertainment. The group started booking and promoting a weekly electronic night called PLUSH on Thursdays at Therapy Nightclub & Lounge in Indianapolis, IN. The night, which went strong for over 9 months, booked over 50 quality, up-and-coming DJs.
Jack is also one of the founding promoters for the Broad Ripple Music Festival, a yearly festival featuring hundreds of bands on 20+ stages that benefits 20+ non-profits. He also writes a monthly column, “Discopolis”, for NUVO Newsweekly that covers dance and electronic music in Indianapolis.
Jackola’s musical style is eclectic to say the least. You may catch him playing dance rock and electro house between bands at a concert, or spinning funky house, tech house or techno in other atmospheres. Jackola has played alongside many internationally recognized bands and DJs, including DJ Shortee, JJ Flores & Steve Smooth, Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, Tommie Sunshine, Freezepop, Scotty Thomson, Adam Jay, Star Steady, Slater Hogan, DJ Shiva, M Project, Everthus the Deadbeats and DJ Deanne.