Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Jack-o-Lantern is an urban producer, songwriter, and artist. His contemporary influences range from Drake to Mariah Carey to Kanye West. His music is characterized by refinement and aesthetics. He sings, writes, raps & makes beats, so you never know what to expect, other than a masterpiece.


Andre Jackson, a military brat and native of Texas, started his music career with writing song lyrics way back in high school. He began composing music simply as a music producer/beatmaker in mid 2008 from his Mac computer while he was still in the U.S. Marine Corps. As his affinity for the hobby grew, so did his desire to learn more about music business and music production. He took some classes from Berklee College of Music online relating to music production and music business to increase his skills and knowledge all the while making tracks for his friends who were artist and recording their songs. With so much recording of his artist friends, it was only a natural for him to begin to actually try rap for himself. Andre took on the name Jack-o-Lantern to separate his production and artistry from his own personal life.

By 2010, Jackson's professional life had become busy with school, military work, and his new found music endeavors. That same year Jack-o-Lantern completed production of several tracks with a friend to create "N.A.S.A.," an electronic urban showcase compilation of instrumentals geared toward advertisement and TV/Film music with a space themed motif. During this same time, he made his rap debut on an unreleased track and recorded raps for an instrumental from N.A.S.A. featuring friend/rapper and Dallas native, T-Rex, called "Parking Lot Pimping." The song is a reproduction of the 80's classic (I Just) "Died In Your Arms," with the Houston sound of "Screw" (transposed vocals).

After leaving the military in the beginning of 2011, Jackson headed to Los Angeles to attend The Los Angeles Recording School to further his recording education, but dropped out of the Associates Degree program only 1/4th of the way through. He actively focuses on his music business education now to with Berklee (from where he already has one certificate), and will further release more instrumentals, beats and rap songs in the coming year.