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Jacko Suede

Denton, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jacko Suede: A fun, Upbeat Act"

For the first time in years I’ve found myself back in the Ol’ Dirty Basement, the ceiling creaking above my head and excited fans cracking open beer around me as Jacko Suede sets up for their return to Oaktopia. The Ol’ Dirty Basement, an appropriately named venue sequestered underneath J&J’s Pizza on the square, is one of Denton’s most unique places to come see a show. No matter the size of the audience, the Ol’ Dirty Basement is an intimate setting. Fans are guaranteed to see the artists as up close and personal as you can get and the tight space goes rather well with the raging enthusiastic guitars of Jacko Suede.
Jacko Sude is an alternative rock band, their style reminiscent of beloved artists such as Fall Out Boy and Blink 182. They attract an enthusiastic and rowdy crowd, the atmosphere characterized by a sense of reckless abandon as Jacko Suede proceeds to tear ass through each song. Jacko Suede play fast and hard, with the catchy memorable hooks of pop and the rough grungy edge of alternative rock.
In no time at all a mash pit forms directly in front of the band. In such close quarters the audience members are just as likely to pound into the band members as they are into each other, but this doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm on either side. The members of Jacko Suede have a lot of experience with crowds, something they put to use as they drive audience members into a frenzy.
Their lyrics are mostly concerned with fairly light hearted subjects, such as getting drunk and shattering plates or dealing with a hangover. Their subject matter is consistent with the party friendly vibes that seem to accompany them wherever they go. Admittedly there isn’t much in the line of variety or depth to Jacko Suede’s performance, but I didn’t see a single person complain over the course of the act. Jacko Suede is a very particular act with a very particular goal, which they achieve with flying colors. Regardless of one’s opinion on post punk or alternative rock, it’s hard to blame them for that. - Sofaking News

"Jacko Suede Blackout CD Release"

“Pop punk sensation Jacko Suede released their new CD, “Blackout” at a packed Andy’s Bar last Saturday....If the success of their CD launch and their die hard following is any indication, then these guys have no end in sight and with A Dub Entertainment behind them, it is sure to be a good year for the DFW punk scene.” - Mildlydistorted.com


Acclaimed for their high octane live performance, Jacko Suede formed in 2012 and have since gigged relentlessly, with dates including the 35 Denton and Oaktopia festivals, as well as sharing the stage with numerous national acts including Grammy winners Imagine Dragons. Their new EP “Abandon Ship” comes out 3/17/2016 with full tour plans in the works. Never was the timing more correct then now to breathe a breath of air into the dying lugs of the current music scene. Punk and Emo is just about dead and buried, and everything else is pop or rock with corporate influences dragging down all creative potential, lyrically, and musically. This is one of a handful of recordings in a long time without having a guy hitting a synth note for five minutes and a girl moaning, with percussive noise creeping up in the background. This is unpretentious art. It not only achieves this status but is also fun to listen too. Jacko Suede is a refreshingly different band in a day full of copycat rubbish.

I didn’t know these relatively unknown (to me at least) guys, were capable of making such an amazing EP. I kind of compare it to the first time I heard My Chemical Romance and was blown away. These guys have serious chops, and the album has quickly become one of my favorites. Even with cascading riffs, powerful vocals, and bouncing choruses, Jacko Suede enlists an underlining layer of trickery. Isolating these moments takes many listens, but inevitably adds incredible depth. The delivery of the lead vocals generates tangible visions of the lyrics. This furthers our attachment to the work because that is how it should sound and feel. It’s not sound for the sake of sound, but emotion for the sake of tone. You hear hundreds of singers trying desperately to sound intensely energizing, in harmonizing the melody with the articulation. The Jacko Suede vocalist confronts this concept head on, and nails it.

The overall pacing of “Abandon Ship” is flawless. Jacko Suede controls the tempo, offering needed reprieves before plunging back into the fray between choruses and verses. The music is melodic, rock-solid riffing, and a good mix of production and grit. There is also something to be said on the craftsmanship of this EP, each song sounds masterfully produced. The genres of pop-punk and rock are blended effortlessly. Songs like “California”, “All This Time” and “Carry On”, shows Jacko Suede’s ability to create songs that have fantastic gang vocal sections and upbeat pop-punk influenced choruses. You also aren’t likely to easily forget powerful tracks like “Abandon Ship” and “Nothing More”.

This band, ladies and gentlemen, is an alternative punk rock band that you should be proud to introduce to your friends and family. In a flat sea of indie, lo-fi and new age music, Jacko Suede clearly stands out and brings out waves of hard-hitting solid rock, while adding its own refreshing punk spin on it. No question about it. I am really hoping that this band doesn’t lose steam, and in their upcoming efforts can continue to impress as they do on “Abandon Ship”. - Jamsphere Music Magazine


2014 "Blackout" EP
2016 "Abandon Ship!" EP (TBR)



Hard-hitting rockers Jacko Suede pull no punches with their distinctive brand of melodic rock anthems, always providing a high octane live performance. The "Suede" formed in 2012 and have since gigged relentlessly . They would go on to play a crowdpleasing set at the first ever Oaktopia festival as well as opening for Grammy winners Imagine Dragons. In 2014 the Suede released their EP "Blackout" which received frequent rotation at college radio. Jacko Suede is plans to release their new album in March, with a full tour following later in the year.