Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

JACK+JILL is a Colorado based Indie/Alt Rock Band. Their music blends dark grungy male vocals and smooth chick vocals with rich chunky guitars, and semi-sweet electric violin. Performing as a duo or full band, their high energy shows also feature drums, bass, & keys, along with more backing vocals.


Aaron Seibert (Jack): Guitars & Vocals, and wife Jessica Seibert (Jill): Violins & Vocals, have been performing as JACK+JILL since their marriage in the summer of 2007. Having great success as a two piece, they decided to incorporate other musicians to play at bigger shows and events…And the success is climbing further. They are now an eclectic blend of 4 amazing musicians. JACK + JILL is a fun loving, high energy Indie/Alternative Rock Band whose musical sounds and silences will rock your face off! They are proud to perform with Tim Johnson: Piano/Keys, Mike Thornburg: Drums & Alt. percussion, and B: Bass and vocals. They also perform quite often with an array of guest musicians, playing an assortment of instruments! JACK+JILL have had the privilege of performing all over the west at many large festivals scoring slots on the bill with big names such as: Yonder Mountain String Band, Slightly Stoopid, Godsmack, Bad of Heathens, Loverboy, Stonefed, Fuel, Chris Cagle, Zelazowa, Saliva, Del the Funky Homosapien, Great White, Days of the New, Sebastian Bach, Lucas Nelson and the Promise of the Real, Meatloaf, Pretty Lights, Twisted Sister, Default, Rodger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Skillet, and countless "Hometown Heros". Performing at venues and festivals big and small, Jack and Jill even managed to slip into a chamber choir and perform at Carnegie Hall! The shows you will see them perform are just as versatile as the bands listed above. As the full band you will see their performances range from full on rock concerts, with intricate & danceable drum beats; big melodic bass lines; lyrical electric violin leads; colorful keyboard licks and soaring vocals harmonies- way down to "soft sets" that may (or may not) taper member numbers down to create an almost coffee shop acoustic jam feel that leaves you begging for more!

Since 2007 they have made 2 albums: “Into the Open” (2009), and “Brightest Star in the Nightmare” (2011). Into the Open has had much success since May of 2009. Once added on the bands official press kit, it landed them over 350 independently booked gigs in Colorado, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, and California! As well as multiple interviews and write ups in the local press and papers, a pretty large feat considering they also made 2 kids in that time too! The latest album is a very versatile album, a sure hit with its exciting collage of styles, colors, and musical textures. It is an eclectic, modern taste of 90's alternative and progressive rock that features alternating tempos and time signatures plus gripping psychedelic overtones. What stands them apart from other bands? It would be there unique talent of genre blending. They have radio friendly songs like “Overplay Me“, “Brightest Star in the Nightmare” and “5ifty4our“, to ultra progressive rock like “Patience” and “Alzheimers”. This disc is a musical mind melter. All this being said- fans who loved their first album will appreciate how JACK+JILL still preserve their acoustic roots while balancing this new, bigger, almost classical approach to the writings and recordings. The band's melodies and lyrics, always heartfelt in their simplicity will surely leave their mark in your soul.

Jack+Jill is a band that will stand the test of time, based in family ties, they are here to stay. Founded in Grand Junction they practice, write, and record in their home, out west, in the high desert of Colorado. They will be a band to recognize, to receive and to remember.


Brightest Star in the Nightmare

Written By: Aaron Seibert

Ezra, what you mean to me.
Ezra what you do to me...
Ezra, you see through to me.
Ezra... you're everything to me!

why are you running away?
seems as its everyday...
Dont you know I hate running away...

Holy rollercoaster this is a nightmare, this is hard
But oh I am confessing, he is a blessing he's a star
Holy rollercoaster this isnt over, not just yet.
Oh, four leaf clovers, and red rovers... his first pet.


Written By: Aaron Seibert

Searching for soul on saturdays paper, horoscope headlines, searching for makers, revealing everything between the lines.
Nicotine, caffeine... running on Mt, been stoned in my room, singing out of tune, i dont know why seems its been this way for days, and days.
Visions of vegans, white chocolate honey, i can remember feeling the beauty, watching the movie with my girl by my side.
Inspiring wander, full of joy today, rehearsing my dreams, believing in faith, symmetry becomes weightlessness with a rhyme.

Hell yeah, right on, right on.

Time will only tell, time wont ease the heal.
Time will steal your soul, so use your time up well.

In Summary:

Written By: Aaron Seibert

The duel sidetracked good friends, now in constant heaven and hell.
In this bitter sea of dreams its open, closed and there's always something inbetween.

But no more fighting this war, lighting this torch.

And this bleeding fork in the road has turned my patience clockwise to alzheimer's.
Home again, home again empty head, It's just an overgrown, cold vision of the situations rising!

All of the rain is falling down, all of the lightning touches ground.
All of the sky is torn and brown, even the king can break his crown...

Where there is light the is dark, where there is love there is farse.

I awoke today, awake already.
The rain fell, pouring hard and heavy.
And though it felt it wouldn't stop,
the sun shone through every drop.

All of the rain is falling down, in awe of the sunshine on the ground.
All of the lighting touches ground, we can rebuild all that's washed out.
All of the sky is torn and brown, we can learn to live without.
Even the king can break his crown, love once lost is found.

Into the Open

Written By: Aaron Seibert

All these feelings are now sweeping into the open.
What I've done, all I've become cannot be broken.

Voodoo dolls, dead end halls, I cannot hide my sins.
I've been found out, I've been sold out, I've been locked away.

So now you know, but will it stop our love from growing?
And when its time, time to shine will you still call my name?

Precious starlight, desperate moonlight, come shine down.
Feelings take me, my feelings rape me, I long to hear your sound

Voodoo dolls, dead end halls, I cannot hide my sins.
I've been found out, I've been sold out, I've been locked away.


Written By: Aaron + Jessica Seibert

I was wonderin' what to do, how do i get through to you?
Still I'm chasing, we're still in the making
I was wonderin' what do I do?

How do I make you sing my songs?
I wanna write sing-a-longs
wanna make you say ________
All dang-o day
I can write you jingles all day long

Well... If it's cookie cutter
It's grade A
Sell you what they want me to say
Sold out today
to get the pay
Corporate Daddy Your A Okay

The smell of similarity on a breeze throught the trees
Beats on my ear drum but does nothing for me
They force your lips to sip their evil jingle juice
they choose the songs to use then they choose to abuse
They say over play me on the radio
Somebody please over play me


Written By: Aaron Seibert

Sometimes its hard for me to live up in this family tree-
It seems to me stability has faileth me, cuz' i fell far from that tree.
Landed on the ground, bruised and battered all around, chased by destiny.
Well I rolled here and there, dang near almost everywhere, I'd have to say "I be done seen about everything".
But I haven't seen a single thing that means a freaking thing to me- like family or good ole' southern hospitality.

For all of those I've left behind, at somepoint and some place in time, you'll still reside in the back of my mind and soon im sure ill find you by my side.
As for all the ones we loved so much, they'll shrivle up and become dust, that we'll all just sneeze away.
And what about those little things that thought they'd never be seen, turn out to be the biggest things of all.
Will all the wounds ever heal?
Will all I'm feeling ever fill this giant pill that I have to swallow?

...So now I've come this far with calloused hand I've got these scars, and stretchmarks from reaching for the stars...
I've had my share of ups and downs, I've lived the shady side of town, and been preyed upon by the ones who hold you down.
But in all of this- and all I've missed, I must admit that ignorance is truly bliss yet I feel fortunate:
To say hello, wave goodbye to passing people, passing time.
It's the simple things that make you smile- that make the time worth while.
Untill we march all single file holding hands mile by mile...
With the rain we'll shed the pain, we'll rise above and rise again!
To feel the sunshine setting in your skin, to know that everything will be alright, if not forever then just for tonight.

But as we turn to face the setting sun, I'll recall all the times we shouldv'e run.
From it all, from love- from everyone.
From our past
Things we left behind in the sands,
in the sands of time.


Debut album: "Into the Open" June 1st 2009
Singles include: Into the Open, Real Eyes Realize, You are my Sunshine, and Rocket.

"Brightest Star in the Nightmare" May 13th 2011.
Singles include: Brightest Star in the Nightmare, Overplay Me, 5ifty4our, The Others' Side, and Watch the World Disappear.

Brightest Star in the Nightmare was well received and the band was interviewed for national press with Music Now Magazine. A review was given from Gene Foley in the fall of 2011 praising the band with all 4-5 ratings out of 5, saying "I don't give out 4's and 5's easily, so any of those you see, you have earned. Well done!"

Into the Open has received airplay on many radio stations in Grand Junction, and the band has had many write ups in the paper and interviews on TV, most of which directly revolve around the album.

They are both available, at the shows, orderable at large retailers like Borders Bookstores, or anywhere online great music is sold.

Set List

The members of JACK+JILL have had the priviledge of performing such festivals as Rock Jam, Powellapalooza, Desert Rocks, Colorado Pork n Hops Challenge and many more. Also they have performed alongside acts such as:Everclear, Yonder Mountain String Band, Eve6, Godsmack, Loverboy, Filter, Yonder Mountain String Band, Band of Heathens, Lucas Nelson and the Promise of the Real, Del the Funky Homosapien, Meatloaf, People Under the Stairs, Skillet, Zelazowa, Days of the New, Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob, Sloghtly Stoopid, Rodger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Default, Saliva, 5 Days Dirty and countless "Hometown Heros"... They have been fortunate enough to even perform in Carnegie Hall. Showing they are all not only very versatile musicians, but also "Old Hands" in the music biz.

Their set list is composed of mainly originals, as well as a FEW cover songs from bands such as: Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Janice Joplin, Dave Mathews, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Beck, Nirvana, Pea