Jackpot Donnie

Jackpot Donnie

 Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA

"Take one listen to [Jackpot Donnie] - their songs filled with hook-laden classic rock-meets-90s alternative guitar crunch - and you can tell the band uses their time to carefully plan and produce their material." - Windy City Rock


Jackpot Donnie began as a trio of musicians in search of a sound. Matt Love (guitar/lead vocals), Brian Wise (guitar) and Adam Campbell (drums) were high school chums, well-versed in basement jamming and general rock music etiquette; however, there was an integral piece of the puzzle missing. In 2003 a stroke of luck brought bassist Dave Langley to JPDs doorstep. It didnt take long for the individual styles of the four musicians to gel, and before the end of their first practice, they knew a band had been formed.

In late 2004, they composed their first monster ballad, and quickly realized that melodrama was not a part of their destiny. Since then, Jackpot Donnie has fused their ribald, energetic personalities with elements of all the genres of music they celebrate. Dave brings the funk on bass and grooves tightly in the pocket with Adam, while Matt and Brians guitars deliver both smooth reggae flavor and classic head-banging riffs. All the while, Matts soulful vocals keep the music firmly rooted in the Chicago blues tradition. The band released their first full-length album Music Nightly in April of 2008, featuring a crisp, even professional vibe that's seldom heard on debut records from indie acts, according to the Chicago Examiners Frank Krolicki.

Jackpot Donnie has established their identity as some of Chicagos hardest rockers, and theyve been spreading it across the city and beyond. These days, you can find JPD in some of the citys most respected rock venues, like The Abbey, Elbo Room, Double Door, and the Bottom Lounge. On the stage, their priority is to move the crowd, make em laugh, and keep them coming back for more. And thats what theyll continue to do, at least until Glam Rock comes back into style.


"New Mode" - EP - Released March 27, 2010

"Music Nightly" - LP - Released April 18, 2008

Set List

Jackpot Donnie prides themselves on their energetic live shows. With over 20 original songs in their rotation, there is plenty of room for flexibility in their setlists. Additionally, the band has covered over 100 songs over the years.

Average Set Length: 1-1.5 Hours (12-15 songs)
Longest Set Played: 3 Hours

Original Songs Currently in the Live Rotation:

Agent Estimation
Art of Mixing Colors
Full Bloom
Muster Buster
Old Road
Pell Mell
Renegade Revolutionary
Room to Improve
Second Chance
See We Rollin'
Set It Right

A typical Jackpot Donnie show will include 2-3 cover songs.

Bands/Artists we have covered:

A-Ha, Bill Withers, The Black Crowes, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson, The Old 97s, The Police, Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Sublime, Talking Heads, Ween, 311, and many more. Jackpot Donnie has been known to cover several eras, ranging from Classic Rock, to 80s Pop, to 90s