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Jackpot, Tiger

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jackpot, Tiger 6/12/12"

Jackpot, Tiger

A little over a week ago, I headed over to The Delancey on a rainy Tuesday night to catch Jackpot, Tiger play. Unfortunately I could not make their record release party show a few days prior. With that in mind, I was looking forward to getting my fix.

Much to my surprise the crowd was extremely light. In theory it makes sense as they just played a few nights prior. However I am in the minority in that I try to make every show possible if I really like an artist. Regardless of that, I took the chance to enjoy a rare super intimate show like the good old days when I first started recording almost 11 years ago.

I get comfortable & pull out my DSLR & video camera to get some footage. Unfortunately I realized that I left the memory card for my video camera at my friend’s place so no footage which is a shame as the set was fun & energetic even if it was only for a select few.

Most of the set featured songs off their recently released full length debut album Chemistry Night. While the opener No Crying is not on the album, I find myself wishing it was every time I hear it. This is a good choice for an opener in my opinion. It was nice hearing one of my personal favorites 9th St Blues which always brings a smile to my face. A Monster Lives In Here has grown on me a lot as well. When I first heard it, I was disappointed that it & not 9th St Blues was the finale. Now though, I feel it is a great choice to end the set.

However I have to take this time to give kudos to another song that I seriously wonder how it did not make the album & that is Please Protect Me. This song is absolutely beautiful & I look forward to hearing it at every show now. I sincerely hope this song gets recorded as it just fits Claire to a tee & I feel fans of theirs would agree. After hearing it this night, I was more annoyed that I did not get a video recording of it. Next time though, next time…..

Overall I enjoyed myself which I come to expect every time I see them. They are one of the few bands I will do what I can to come out & see regardless of how many times I have seen them. Next time make sure you come out & join in on the festivities as you will leave satisfied. - Surge FM

"Those Jackpot, Tiger Kids Released Some New Music"

Those Jackpot, Tiger Kids Released Some New Music

Posted by: Rocco on: September 9, 2011

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The headline totally gives away the meat of this post.

“9th Street Blues” is the new single from Jackpot, Tiger. And yes… I call all their songs singles because they are rock stars.

Seriously. They are rock stars and this song is fun. Super fun. So much fun, I even have a favorite part as if it was a Backstreet Boys song. (In case you are curious like a cat I speak of the 2:50 mark on.)

Hurricane Jackpot tore that tree up!!

Good shit huh?? I don’t even care my font is all messed up now. Jackpot, Tiger cures OCD as well!

Make sure you check out Jackpot, Tiger on Facebook and Twitter to get info on all their upcoming shows and to look at their pretty faces. I mean, that’s why I go to those pages.

-Rocco - Roccos Revolution

"Jackpot, Tiger Has A New Single Out...And I Like It."

It’s called you “I Like You” and I like it. But does that shock you?? The answer to that should be no.

Look at that! How cute! Little hearts dot the “I”‘s. I’m obviously going to send this single (that you can hear HERE) to my latest crush (Prince Harry. Probably. Or The Skibster) because I always dot my “I”‘s with hearts when I love someone and I always write my loves notes, which is not creepy at all.

Anyway, check it out and then make someone you have a crush on check “yes or no” on a love letter whilst listening to this song.


PS I’m pretty sure they wrote this song for me… which is really sweet. - Roccos Revolution

"Jackpot, Tiger Gears Up For Tour"

Jackpot, Tiger Gears Up For Tour

Posted by: Rocco on: February 21, 2011

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What are you doing March 10???

If you are in NYC or around NYC, you should go to Crash Mansion and celebrate the release of Jackpot, Tiger’s album with their pre-tour Jamboree. Yeah… that’s right, I used the word Jamboree. It’s legit.

Just that poster looks like fun.

Here are the deets.

I’m pretty sure they mean me when they say special guest. I’ll have to check on that.

Anyway… check out Jackpot, Tiger’s Myspace and Twitter for more details and to check out their stuff.

-Rocco - Roccos Revolution

"First Day of Christmas: Jackpot, Tiger"

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the first of our “12 Days of Christmas” downloads to you. On this first day of Christmas, our song comes from a little band from New York called Jackpot, Tiger. Eryck, Kevin, Alex, Colby and Claire play cute and catchy tunes – and “Snow Day” is no exception.
If you’re a sucker for dueling male/female harmonies (a la the Anniversary) like I am , this song will put you in high spirits for the holidays. It’s whimsical and upbeat – and for those of you buried under snow in the midwest today, the lyrics will seem very appropriate! - Sinking Ship Records

"GigMaven East Village Throwdown at Banjo Jim’s"

Jackpot, Tiger was a joy to see live. Their sound is driven by a distinct energy- one infused with equal parts youth and ambition. The group- five in total- had a remarkable stage presence that spoke to their emphasis on collective sound. Trading instruments and switching vocal leads, each song was different, unique, and overall really fun. They’re playing an album release show at Crash Mansion on March 10th- go check them out for yourselves! - GigMaven

"CMJ Report - Day 4"

With the good time rock sensibilities fully sated, the last stop of the night is right on the route to the subway and takes in Jackpot, Tiger at the rather pub-like National Underground. With pillars obscuring sight lines left and right, it's far from an ideal space, yet the crowd is packed in and enjoying the off kilter indie-rock of this NYC band. The band move fast and their male-female vocals lend them a Los Campesinos! quality, one which also finds its way into the loose, raw element of their playing. It's only a few songs that I catch but they raise a smile, not just on my wearied mush but on those of a crowd in full Friday night revelry. That, in itself, can only be a good sign for this fledgling band. - Heavier ~ Than ~ Air Music Blog


'Sweet & Savory EP' (2011)
Recorded at Moon Lab Studios, Brooklyn, NY
'I Like You' (2011)
Recorded at Moon Lab Studios, Brooklyn, NY
'9th St. Blues' (2011)
Recorded at New York University, New York, NY
'Chemistry Night' (2012)
Let Em' In Studios, Brooklyn, NY



Jackpot, Tiger's use of punctuation is about as integral as any other part of the band. Take out the comma in the band name, and the whole thing falls apart. The same goes for Claire's uniquely youthful voice and lyrical style that elegantly rambles on like Kerouac on the California coastline. Or Kevin's drum style which is actually more melodic than rhythmic, with subtle accents in his playing more akin to Wes Montgomery than Dave Grohl (although he can do that too).

Most importantly though, when it's time for the rock show, Jackpot, Tiger will deliver and make you rethink your slow apathetic sips of a PBR. Over the past year the band has released an EP, two singles, embarked on a midwestern tour, and played in every nook and cranny of NYC, from huge CMJ festivals to barely legal house shows in Brooklyn. Regardless of where they may be, Jackpot Tiger carries with them their unbelievably energetic and unique identity, one that can scarcely be captured in a paragraph, but rather must be experienced whether through their records or live show.

Music is an experience, and a Jackpot, Tiger show will have you remember that.