Jack Pout and The Dirt Level

Jack Pout and The Dirt Level


Jack Pout has been described as edgy, political, passionate,and powerful. This combination of songwriting and having a serious axe to grind in the music world makes for mean combination of a band you wont soon forget.


Jack had been gigging for 5/6 years in Norwich, constantly writing and gigging in different bands, duo's and most prominently his solo work. He is most influenced by Artists like John Martyn, The Faces, The Allman Brothers and Captain Beefheart. The band formed at Access To Music due to how well Marc, Vikki and Jack got on, they jammed once and realised how well they gelled. Now this combination of a Funk bassist, a Hardcore drummer and a Folk guitarist are showing the music scene something different.


Jack Pout - And Then. Which can be found on the Bandcamp.

The band will be recording a new live E.P in one week.

Clockwork, from And Then, is being played on Future Radio.