Jack Preston

Jack Preston

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopAvant-garde


Atlanta-based rapper/producer/multi-instrumentalist Jack Preston exudes the inventive ethos of hip-hop’s alternate world. The voices and sounds of music’s past outsiders such as Outkast, George Clinton, and Prince, among many others, are potent imprints in Preston’s music. Equally inspired and informed by Dilla, Herbie Hancock, David Bowie, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali, Preston’s work carries a thread of awareness of the commonality between worlds, and propels us forward into the new and unknown.

Preston’s delivery is rooted in southern dialect, wrapped in a bed of time-warped soundscapes and textures.  Live, Preston translates his studio renderings into a mind bending, electrifying experience like none other.

Rasied a military child between North Carolina, California, and Georgia, Preston’s surroundings have influenced both his art and unique approach to life. Following in the footsteps of musical family members, he began his personal journey in music as a drummer in marching and jazz band in grade school. He later picked up guitar and keys. While in college, he studied audio production and music performance and delved deeper into music history. Preston spent the immediate years following his graduation developing his craft, soon becoming completely enamored with crate digging for vinyl and experimenting with samples, interjecting them with live instrumentation.

Much of Preston’s growth as a person inspired his art and music. This personal growth has birthed multiple solo and instrumental projects, as well as a jazz fusion/alt-rock album called Jack Preston x The DojoIn the Land Of Wanderers.

Solo and instrumental projects include Pickled BeetsThe Language of Anguishuntitled#7The Sonikah Project, and Trouble.


Pickled Beets EP
The Sonikah Project
The Language of Anguish
In The Land Of Wanderers