Mark Nabess

Mark Nabess


Passionate roots rock, Aboriginal themes, historical perspective with a modern twist. Political and honest storytelling wrapped around a powerful vocal attack and animated stage presence with a vast amount of humility and introspect.


One thing that has consistently arisen in my music and travels is the desire people have to listen to the stripped down versions of my earlier rock'n'roll attack along with me newer acoustic stylings. In all my travels, after all the gigs, I loved sitting down and singing for the people I've performed for, in a more intimate setting with a more acoustic guitar/roots rock approach. They've always insisted when I go out on my own, this is the approach I should take and I have. I thank them all for that confidence they have in me and for their words of encouragement.


Indian town Single Released July 4, 2009
1992 - Jamco Records
Alternative Rock
7 song CD

Peacemaker: Reservation Dog
1995 - Jamco Records
Alternative Rock
14 song CD

21st Century Indian - Single
2001 - Arbor Records
writer / composer

Jack Rabbit Demo
Independent 8 song demo

Set List

Brother Pipe
Indian Town
Ghost Dancer
21st Century Indian
This Is Not Your Song
Liberation Day
Untitled Pain
My Argument With God

3-4 songs in the works soon to be completed.

I have a large reportoire of cover songs that I can access at will (500) at least i would say running from Country to Heavy Rock. I throw a couple of these out every time I gig depending on the atmosphere in the room.