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"Jack Rollin Dandies @ the Horseshoe Tavern"

The venue itself spoke volumes on Wednesday, December 23 on Queen Street West for the Jack Rollin Dandies first perfor- mance post release of their November 2009 self-titled demo. The Horseshoe Tavern’s legendary track record is evidence enough that bands that get booked are legitimate enough to follow suit rock legends like The Tragically Hip and The Rolling Stones. The Dandies, a 5-piece rock and roll ensemble from Oshawa, Ontario nonchalantly took control of the stage and in no way suc- cumbed to the nerves most bands feel previous to playing this venue. Their vibe definitely lived up to the “Queen Street sound” made infamous circa 1984 – being regarded as the perfect sounding small venue the Horseshoe had its hand at developing the sound of the likes of Blue Rodeo. The Dandies did not fall victim to their intimidating surroundings and their set did not get out-shined by its venue; it might even be safe to say that the fish seemed a bit big for the pond.
To break down the band; Johnny Ross – on lead vocals and with a name that even throws you back to 1969 holds true to the band’s old-school rock and roll image. He has an effortless rock star edge to both his voice and style that unlike most modern rock singers strays away from being cliche´. Colin Sheppard – on the keyboards gives the band a legitimate sound and modern edge which distances the Dandies from your average band. His understated presence on stage adds to his mystique and high- lights his level of confidence on stage. Brian Cox – has a quiet confidence that showcases his talent on the drums. His solid and steady beat lays the groundwork for each track and keeps the band in check. Andy Thompson – has talent that was heard all that way from uptown (and I’m talking further north then Steeles Avenue; which lets be real, isn’t even Toronto anymore).
On the guitar, Andy raises the bar for all other wannabe rock acts as he revitalizes a southern rock and blues feel that has ever so sadly been dissipating since the late 1960’s. Last but not least – Braden Docherty, the Jack Rollin’ Dandies youngest member has put his time in studying bass in college and teaching the tricks of the trade as a part-time job. He emulates exactly the classic ambiance of all bass guitar greats. His sound is perfect – he sets and locks the tone for every track keeping the bands vibe memorably smooth.
After much anticipation the Dandies did not disappoint. The set was insanely refreshing – to disclaim my original provocative was to review the Standstills, but after seeing the Dandies set I was too excited not to give them my shout out. It’s been a long time since I have left a show phone in hand ready to spread the good word. To me, their sound emulated that of Jet (which I happen to love a little more then I probably should) and the Raconteurs – with a ton of influence from the underrated San Francisco music scene of 1966 which gave way to acts like Jefferson Airplane and the Doors. The Jack Rollin’ Dandies played 6 original songs including Got Me Running, I Had You, Travellin’ Woman, Tangled Mess and Worry In Your Step. Addition- ally, they covered Good Friday – The Black Crowes and Young Lust – Pink Floyd. Generally, my rule is to never discount a band who can cover The Black Crowes as on point as this band did. But even more, my real rule of thumb is to appreciate a band whose originals stick with you more then their covers. Overall, I was more then impressed by their performance, and I like the rest of the ladies (and gentlemen) in attendance am eagerly awaiting the Jack Rollin’ Dandies next endeavours – as I am sure there are plenty more to come. - Bring Back the Boom Box online magazine


Jack Rollin Dandies - Demo - December 2009



Their journey began as a three piece which included lead vocalist Johnny Ross, keyboardist Colin Sheppard and drummer Brian Cox. After a few months, guitar virtuoso Andy Thompson was recruited from local gigs and joined the band after his first rehearsal. Bassist Braden Docherty, fresh out of Mohawk College's music and performing arts program was also found gigging locally. Their sound is energetic and upbeat in an ultra laid back way, giving it a smooth, old-school feeling. The Dandies’ ability to infuse a ‘back in the day’ vibe with a modern twist has given them an edge on the current musical playing field.

Through word-of-mouth alone The Dandies have been playing local shows, filling up venues and establishing a solid and supportive fan base. Most recently they graced the stage of the legendary Horseshoe Tavern – one that has seen the likes of The Rolling Stones and Willie Neslon. After spending eight months rehearsing and writing new material, they recorded their self-titled demo in November 2009 to outstanding reviews. The Jack Rollin’ Dandies have just scratched the surface of their real potential – their passion for and dedication to their music grows stronger with every song written and every show played. As they head back into writing mode, The Dandies are working on new material, keeping on the road and focusing on their upcoming full-length album (TBA).