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Sonic landscapes of ambience and noise layered into pop and rock in the vein of my bloody valentine


jackseven was concieved by leo asuncion in a one bedroom apartment in 2004 as acoustic demos and backward guitar sounds influenced by elliott smith billy corgan and my bloody valentine. By mid 2005 leo had completed his first DIY LP titled "the waking error". lawrence munoz had joined the project and it had evolved into elctro/goth/pop in a live show powered by two guitars smaples loops and a drum machine. By ealry 2006 leo and lawrence were playing in high profile venues in chicago such as the beat kitchen and the elbo room also opening for bands such as "freeze pop", "audible( former memebers of Matt Pond PA)" and newly relocated to chicago band "skybox" During early may of 2006 jackseven went on a week long tour in support of their second LP"isnothing" landing shows in "the lit lounge in NYC" and "the fire in philidelphia PA". In september dustin monk joined jackseven playing an extra guitar and a small drumkit that consisted of a snare a floor tom and a crash symbol elimintating the drum machine. During this time jackseven opened for the "flaming fire" from NYC in chicago.
Now developing a sound that is a mix of rock ambience noise and pop worthy of my bloody valentine and sigur ros.


the waking error-2005
tracks currently streming @ www.myspace.com/jackseven

Set List

What a waste(you've found)
My wick son
always stay sweet
graham the sleeper
everyone disolves
i know you know
the fear of god
bethany marie
its not funny