Jackson Cook

Jackson Cook


Who says that youth is wasted on the young? Jackson may be only 14, but his songwriting has caught the attention from all over the globe. A combination of captivating melodies and thought provoking lyrics makes for the next legend of our time!


This past couple years has been nothing short of "Awesome" for Jackson Cook at his ripe age of 14! Recording his debut CD "Break Free" with world renowned producer Brian Reeves, being featured on rehearsals.com, winning the 2007 Rock Showdown, performing on the MTV stage at Wakefest, performing at the Tour of Courage with Lance Armstrong, and nominated for the "Best Young Songwriter" by the 2007 Toronto Independent Music Awards.

This new year is already proving to be groundbreaking! Jackson has been chosen to write the anthem for the 2008 BC Summer games and will be performing for the opening and closing ceremonies. He has just been notified that he is a semifinalist for the teen category for the 2008 "International Songwriter's Competition". Currently Jackson is in Los Angeles writing and recording in anticipation of another astounding year.

Jackson's songs are thought-provoking. Making social statements in "Street Soldier"and "She's Not So Pretty", encouraging people to follow their dreams in "I Know"and "Break Free". His musical influences have included Neil Yong, Bob Dylan, Green Day, U2, Bon Jovi, Tom Petty.

Jackson may be young, but he has an old soul that comes out through his music.


Street Soldier

Written By: Jackson Cook

Pretty thing standing on the corner,
She's only fifteen looking so much older.
She stands alone no one to hold her,
Ran from home she's now a street soldier.
Boyfriend's got her back, he says he loves her.
He fills her full of crack so she doesn't suffer.

She tells herself she'll be just fine,
But inside her soul is a dying.

Where's her mother? Shere's her father?
Don't they care about their baby daughter?
You could have loved her, you could have hugged her.
She was a child, she was a youngster.

She wne to church believed in her preacher,
He touched her body, said he'd be her teacher.
She cries inside, no one to hear her,
She walks the streets at night, no one can see her.
A car pulls up, "hop in little honey",
She knows it wrong, but she really needs the money.

Where's your mother? Where's your father?
You could have saved your baby daughter.
Hey there mother! Hey there father!
They found her dead at the bottom of the dumpster.
Hey there father you could have saved your baby daughter.


CD - "Break Free", being played on the radio has been , "I Know" and "Break Free".

Set List

1) Street Soldier
2) I Know
3) Sunami
4) Nick
5) Break Free
6) Hey Pretty Girl
7) Oh No!
8) Why?
9) She's Not So Pretty
10) Spoiled Rich Kids

Set is about 40 minutes.