Jackson County Line

Jackson County Line

 Roswell, Georgia, USA

Jackson County Line is a 7 piece playing folk and Americana with soul. Acoustic instrumentation with a big sound. Powerful vocals with subtle details from cello, trumpet, harmonica, pedal steel, bass, and mandolin.


Mellow that will move you. Beautiful and stirring. The soul of Americana with folk fringes make this seven piece who they are. Kevin Jackson sings with this remarkable collection of musicians and friends. Guitars, cello, mandolin, horns, bass, and drums combine to bring powerful melodies to life and meaningful words to light... Jackson County Line.


"Jackson County Line" released independently in 2007.
"South." released independently in 2010.
tracks and samples from both available at www.jacksoncountyline.com

Set List

45 to 1:30 is typical. We play 95% original material with an occasional cover thrown in for our own (and others) amusement. Our originals are mellow but move. It's rock with a hint of folk, soul, and bluegrass around the edges.