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I'm a musical act, using songs as a vehicle for my comedy & interactive theater. Many different shows of topical originals, parodies, musical sketches - some adult, some for families. While themes vary widely, they're all highly visual, energetic & interactive. 30 years experience, references galore


I've been featured as "The Stand-Up Chameleon" at festivals throughout the country, sometimes for adults, sometimes as a family act. Best sales pitch is that most of my work comes from repeat bookings (Clearwater, New England Folk Festival...) My shows are very participatory and funny. But don't take my word for it. See reviews on www.jacksongillman.com


Riot in the Garden/Let's Do "The Sprout"

Written By: Jackson Gillman

Riot in the Garden / Let’s Do "The Sprout"
by Jackson Gillman ©2007 www.jacksongillman.com

(Audience/children chime in on the parts in parentheses)

The winter was long and the days were short
can’t wait for summer so we can cavort
In the lush green haven of our garden plot
don’t you know it’s our favorite spot

To drink in the summer, commune with the plants,
party like grasshoppers, working like ants,
Late in the day, it’s not time to make hay, let’s get ready to play

Lets have a riot in the garden, cut the dirt
we'll shake and shimmy, frolic and flirt
make eyes at the taters and tease the peas
Everyone's invited especially the bees (BZZZZ!)

The bee balm’s beboppin’, the poppies flip-floppin’
There’s a buzz in the bowers, there’s no wall flowers
When the snapdragons snappin’ a snappy dance beat
The garden is hoppin’ though the plants have no feet

Zucchinis do a step, they call the gadzooks
Black-eyed Susans give them really funny looks
Delphiniums fiddle, foxgloves trot
Even cool cukes start to get hot (SSSSS!)

…while there’s a riot in the garden, shake a root
Get down and dirty and have a hoot
Kiss the corn behind the ears, and sow some oats
Everyone's invited except the goats (MAAA!)

Morning glories stay open late.
As the moon flowers blossom round the ol’ garden gate
The sunflowers take a shine to the gourds
It’s the place to be if you want to be cured

No plant wears a frown when there’s a hoedown
Every stem’s a-swayin’ while the trumpet vine’s playin’
They’ve all got the crazies, worms are pushing up daisies
Petals are falling while the dance callers calling…

…Okay, everybody get ready to do The Sprout, first curl up like a seed…

Let’s germinate – get ready, get set
Now start to swell when you get all wet
Shoot down your root, it’s time to get down
Wriggle your radical into the ground

Now start reaching the other way
It’s time you saw the light of day
Keep on twisting till you break on through
When you feel sun’s warmth give a great, big, ooohh (OOOHH! )

Now follow the sun from east to west
Photosynthesis is the best
Stretch your branches out real wide
Shake leaves with your neighbors on each side

Sway to the left, now sway to the right
There’s room for everyone, so let’s not fight
When the rain starts falling, bow down your head
Wriggle down your roots in your garden bed…

And rest…

Till the sun shines again with all of its might
Stretch up high and reach for the light
Now twist again and work it on out
Stretch once more with a great, big, shout! (YEAHHH!)

…You’ve done the sprout, yeahhh!


I've had some songs recorded on compilations. My own cd is currently in production. Audio samples are on my EPK and on my web site.

Set List

I don't have a typical set list, but customize each show for the event and audience composition. For family shows, I'll generally do one set of about an hour. For full solo adult shows, I'll do two sets of about 45-50 minutes each, with very few recognizable covers. I have about twenty different thematic shows for which I have a specific repertoire to draw from. They are described, with references, on my web site.