Jackson Street

Jackson Street


Jackson Street is the love child between Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin. The love child feeds on a stew of P-Funk, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, Mars Volta, and Radiohead.


We started playing together in high school, mostly performing jazz. We each played with a variety of groups and gained different musical influences on the side, but still remained closer than the other musician friends that we had come to know.

Since high school, we have been involved in many musical projects together with different band names, or sometimes, no official name. We usually played in and around the LA and Orange County areas. During this time our common link with each other has been Jackson Street.

Jackson Street is where the Giachello family's home is, and it's also the place where we go to jam, try out new musical ideas, and just hang out. It's pretty much the band's home base. For the past two years we've been organizing our freestyle jams, piecing ideas together and turning them into complete songs.

From our home base at Jackson Street, we are creating an original sound and bringing that sound to the LA/ Orange County music scene.


The Egyptian

Set List

Sample Set Material:

Silly Girl (5:30)
Black Butterfly (8:00)
Twilight by Tombstones(7:30)
Pop in Harmony(11:30)
Hunger Artist(4:00)
Dalia Gold(8:00)

Covers might include:
National Anthem-Radiohead
Joy in Repetition-Prince
One Nation Under a Groove- P-Funk