Jackson Street and the SouthBounders

Jackson Street and the SouthBounders

 Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA

Jackson Street is a singer/songwriter in the tradition of the distinctive songwriter and performer - simultaneously searching for an original voice and embodying a variety of artistic influences. Jackson Street brings together elements of rock, folk, and improvisation.


Jackson Street is a songwriter in the tradition of the poet and philosopher in search of the truth, which may sometimes simply be found in a grooving tune. Message never overshadows the music. Through friendships with many talented musicians established around a neighborhood music store in Levittown, Pa, Street's music has gradually evolved in the last twelve years with their contributions. The earliest friendship with woodwind player, Jeff Neuhof, has fostered original songs that each try to find their own voice and character. And through the years, many other players have brought a voice to the sonic goodness: Nick Minton playing keyboards and singing vocals; Shane Fogleman slipping skins on the drums; Francis Danis tickling the keys of the piano; Jerry Maurio swinging through the night on drums; and the latest key to unlock the proverbial chains, young Steve has begun grooving in the low end on the bass. Throughout the many friendships is a sincere love for music, and the songs have been written and arranged with a desire to craft great sounding music that moves people. A constant endeavor of artistic proportions. Listen and judge for yourself.

Set List

(Sets range from 30 mins to 2 hours, performing primarily original songs.)
Plain Truth (Original by Cooper)
Bread and Wine (Original by Cooper)
The End of Paris (Original by Cooper)
Wind through the City (Original by Cooper)
Ghost (Original by Cooper)
In the Rain (Original by Cooper)
Saturday (Original by Cooper)
Paper World (Original by Cooper)
One-Dimensional Man (Original by Cooper)
In Grandfather's Books (Original by Cooper)
A Better Way (Original by J. Neuhof)
Nowhere to Run (Original by J. Neuhof)
Crazy (Originally performed by Gnarls Barkley)
To Love Somebody (Originally performed by the Bee Gees)
Sitting On the Dock (of the Bay) (Originally by Otis Redding)
Fortunate Son (Originally performed by CCR)
Simple Man (Originally performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Comfortably Numb ( Originally performed by Pink Floyd)
Hallelujah (Originally performed by Leonard Cohen)