Jackson Sundown

Jackson Sundown


Jackson Sundown has fashioned a unique blend of original songs that hit you like a splash of cold water while warming you like a sip of good whiskey. From ballads to rockers, with thoughtful lyrics and a rollicking performance, JS paints with a musical palette of great tones and driving rhythms.


We came from diverse backgrounds. Kevin Fallon, a songwriter from Missouri, lived a mountain man lifestyle in Wyoming and spent time working as a cowboy and guide. Kyle Kovalik started out a young river guide on the Grand Canyon, his guitar strapped to his raft and later became an expert kayaker. Kevin Almeida built and inlayed beautiful guitars in California and later assembled computers. After a standout career in college football at the University of Montana, Eric Manegold later toured the U.S and Europe as a successful musician. Both Kovalik and Almeida trained at the Guitar and Bass Institute of Technology. Fallon recorded songs at the famous Record Plant Studios and co-wrote, recorded and shared the stage with various members of Pablo Cruise, Eddie Money Band, Frankie Beverly & Maze and 707. All through our colorful lives, we each honed and refined our musical skills, blending all the diverse styles and genres of music that we were exposed to.

Jackson Sundown began as a trio playing original songs and a few favorite cover songs. When Kovalik, who had played before with Fallon and Manegold, met Almeida at a benefit, he knew they would be a natural fit. They all hit it off from the first chord and knew there was something there to dig into. The individual singing, playing and songwriting styles and diverse musical backgrounds came together with a beautiful variance.

Jackson Sundown writes and performs original material that ranges from soft acoustic ballads to bright country and bluegrass flavored songs, from intricate layered guitars to raw, fiery rock songs, all woven together with soaring vocals into a vibrant storyboard of music.

Our influences are too numerous to name but would have to include the great acoustic/electric artists such as Jim Messina, Poco, CSN, the Eagles and America, as well as the rhythm and blues of Motown and the Funk Brothers and the driving rock and roll of the Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty, the Byrds and ZZ Top.


the Time With You

Written By: Kevin Almeida

Shadows standing like a photograph
Shades of gray and torn in two-
Image faded to the underworld
God I wish I was with you

Shadows faded image of

My time with you

Verse 2

Death becomes you as you walk away
Leaving ugly me’s behind-
Anyone could understand the wound
The saddest tick I left in time

leaving ugly saddest tick

I left in time-

time with you time with you


We’re just a stone away from where we started
It’s not supposed to make much sense
Forgive me woman I’m just trying on a lifetime
Come livin’ with me in the present tense
Time with you the time with you…


We are currently wrapping up a demo CD and planning to professionally record a live performance in Seattle

Set List

We like to play a 1.25 to 1.5 hour set- below is a typical show's worth of songs. There are a few covers- which we love to perform to link the night to our roots.....


Presence of Your Light K.Fallon
Have Mercy K.Kovalik
Faraway K.Fallon
Romancing Wayne Patty
Heart of Stone Wayne Patty
For a Reason K.Fallon
To the End K.Fallon
Down to Mexico K.Kovalik
Music of Home K.Almeida
I’ll Do Anything K.Fallon
As Long as We’re All Having K.Fallon
Bluebird S.Stills


Broken Window K.Kovalik
I’m No Good Wayne Patty
Time With You K.Almeida
Another Way K.Almeida
I Can’t Get Over Losing You K.Fallon
You Can’t Fool Yourself K.Fallon
The Road Goes on Forever K.Fallon
When the Feeling is Gone K.Fallon
Love Light K.Kovalik