Jackson's Way

Jackson's Way


Acoustic rock like no other. From the soft ballads to the hard riffs, Jackson's Way mesmerizes audiences with the passion and raw emotion.


Jackson's Way consist's of Neil Jackson, a Concord North Carolina singer/songwriter. Neil has gathered a following of loyal fans with his diverse acoustic style. From light melodies and ballads, to fast and emotional riffs, Jackson's Way performs like no other solo artist.

Neil Jackson, the heart and soul of Jackson's Way has been playing guitar for over 10 years, and singing for just as long. Neil brings a great amount of passion and emotion to the stage, which you can truly see in his lyrics and live performances.

In February, Neil teamed up with Bandferno, along with the help of Chris Goodman to record his debut album. The highly anticipated release is scheduled for a July, 2006 release.


EP - Jackson's Way

Set List

Normal set: 1/1.5 Hours

Set List
Takes Time
Feel Like
In My Mind
One More Night
With You
Step Inside
Leaving The Past Behind
Field of Grey
Panty Song
Black Star (Steel Standing)
The Road (Steel Standing)