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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Jack Stevens Article"

Oh Shit She's Awake! ;) - Lori Flood

"About Jack Stevens"

What do you get when you cross the influences of Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Poison and KISS with a talented singer and songwriter from South Florida via New York and New Jersey?

You get Jack Stevens.

Jack Stevens knew what he wanted right from the start. A true performer at heart, he struck out to find his fame, dreaming of rocking the house as hard as his influences had rocked him. Never one to follow the trends, Stevens took the road less traveled and found himself in Florida, forming and fronting Sin City, a band that rose to national and international acclaim.

After Sin City drifted apart, Stevens spent time writing and recording for his next project – a solo effort that has knocked the proverbial socks off of audiences worldwide. And like the biggest bands from the iconic hair-metal, hard-rocking 80s, Stevens has found his groove.

Stevens’ new line up is tight, and his sound will take you back to the days before cell phones – to the days when you burned your fingers holding up a lighter a concert.

High, Dirty & Low makes it clear that Jack Stevens intends to last as long as the superstar bands that influenced him.

Jack Stevens’ new release – High, Dirty & Low is the epitome of the arena rock sound that has been missing from the arenas for far too long. - Lori Flood


High, Dirty and Low is one kick-ass album.

Jack Stevens has released an album that will have you cranking the volume up to a level that you might not have in a very long time for music released these days. From the hard hitting Destruction to the longing softness of Amy, you won’t find another recent album that will have you not only wanting to bang your head, but reach for your lighter.

Stevens’ musical influences (Bon Jovi, Crue, Poison) are apparent throughout High, Dirty and Low, but don’t think for a second that this is a copycat release. Stevens’ songs pay homage to one of the best arena rock eras. And like the biggest bands from that decade, Stevens manages to find the hook and enhance it, making it clear that he intends to last as long as the iconic bands that influenced him.

The instrumentation is fantastic. Blistering guitar solos, fabulous bass work, excellent drums and stunning keyboard work don’t just provide a backdrop for Stevens vocals, they each stand on their own to allow for a fuller and richer musical experience.

The use of acoustic instrumentation is something that I have always loved, and Stevens’ and his crew deliver each and every time they unplug on this album. It’s a rare treat these days to be able to hear each instrument to it’s fullest when listening to a song, regardless of whether it is a driving hard rock number like XXX, or the almost haunting Borrowed Time.

Jack Stevens’ vocals deliver, and deliver in a way that will rock you to your core. From the smirking sexiness that is the title track to the almost bluesy feel of Risk or Die, it seems there isn’t anything that Stevens can’t do here. His vocals on Amy are heartbreakingly raw, and gave me goosebumps the on the first listen – and every listen thereafter.

Each song on this album can stand easily on it’s own, but you’d be doing yourself a big disservice by not buying it as a whole. There is just too much talent here not to buy the album and crank it to an eleven.

High Dirty and Low available on iTunes, or at DigStation.


High,Dirty & Low Released May 18th,2010



Jack Stevens,former front man for South Florida Hard Rock Band Sin City..is back and better then ever with New CD High,Dirty & Low being May,18TH 2010. Taking Hard Rock to levels, that haven't been seen or heard of in years! Influenced by Hard Rock Legends, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Kiss, etc..This Music is a compliment to his influences but with more of an edge and today's sound!

Born in NY & Raised in New Jersey & Rhode Island. Jack decided instead of going the traditional route to Los Angeles, he moved to South Florida in the early 90's where he formed & fronted the hard rock band Sin City. Sin City went on to National & International acclaim, even being cited as, "One Of The Best Unsigned Bands," as written by writer Paul Gallota in XS Magazine. As is the Music biz at times, the other members grew weary of "the road" life and they decided to settle down.

After a few years of writing and recording music, Jack decided that it was time to come out with his own Debut CD, "High, Dirty & Low." Recorded at Natural Sound & Mastered at After Midnight Productions, Jack co-wrote & produced all the tracks and "High, Dirty & Low," is an accumulation of everything and every where that Jack Stevens has been, done & seen these last years.

Jack breathes playing live and again just like his influences, knows the importance of putting on a high energy, fun live show for the fans! So buckle up, keep your hands inside at all times and get ready for a Rock 'N' Roll ride of your life..with Jack Stevens.

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