Jack Stevens Band

Jack Stevens Band

 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Hard Rock, like Motley Crue but with more of an edge and with todays sound! Very Diverse!


Jack Stevens,former front man for South Florida Hard Rock Band Sin City..is back and better then ever with New CD High,Dirty & Low being May,18TH 2010. Taking Hard Rock to levels, that haven't been seen or heard of in years! Influenced by Hard Rock Legends, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Kiss, etc..This Music is a compliment to his influences but with more of an edge and today's sound!

Born in NY & Raised in New Jersey & Rhode Island. Jack decided instead of going the traditional route to Los Angeles, he moved to South Florida in the early 90's where he formed & fronted the hard rock band Sin City. Sin City went on to National & International acclaim, even being cited as, "One Of The Best Unsigned Bands," as written by writer Paul Gallota in XS Magazine. As is the Music biz at times, the other members grew weary of "the road" life and they decided to settle down.

After a few years of writing and recording music, Jack decided that it was time to come out with his own Debut CD, "High, Dirty & Low." Recorded at Natural Sound & Mastered at After Midnight Productions, Jack co-wrote & produced all the tracks and "High, Dirty & Low," is an accumulation of everything and every where that Jack Stevens has been, done & seen these last years.

Jack breathes playing live and again just like his influences, knows the importance of putting on a high energy, fun live show for the fans! So buckle up, keep your hands inside at all times and get ready for a Rock 'N' Roll ride of your life..with Jack Stevens.

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High,Dirty & Low Released May 18th,2010

Set List

1. High,Dirty & Low
2. XXX
3.So Very Hard
4. Destruction
5. The Wheel
6. Borrowed Time
7. Risk Or Die
8. Smiles Of Lust
9. Life Loves A Tragedy
10. Amy
11. Nothing But a Good Time ( Posion) (covers vary!)
12. Overload
Jack Stevens Band Can play as long as requested, whether it be 20 minutes or full 2hr shows..We are prepared and ready to ROCK! ALWAYS!