jack the original

jack the original


An indie alternative pop/rock band whose music sends you floating blissfully in an endless sea of apricot jello, where whipped cream clouds of happiness perfectly shade your face from the overabundant rays of catchy melodies and hooks. There are also chocolate dolphins.


jack the original is a group of long-time best friends who have been writing and playing music together since they were dorky kids in junior high. Now they are dorky guys in their early twenties, but the long history they have of playing music together, and growing up together, gives their show and sound a unique element that is very special.
jack the original truly set themselves apart from other bands by having this special history, and by having their charismatic personalities come through in both their music and their live show. The thing most often said to the band after a show is, "I can tell you guys have so much fun when you play!" And they do.
Their original music features strong memorable hooks and melodies with a sound heavily influenced by bands like The Beatles, Ben Folds Five, The Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Queen, and many more, and has so far had a universal appeal to people of all different backgrounds and ages. Perhaps the most surprising thing about jack the original is that their music is so well-received by such a variety of people! But when your greatest influence for crafting songs is the genius of The Beatles, it's not hard to see why.
Their first pro-studio full-length album, Why The Long Face? has just been independently released at the beginning of 2006, and is already getting a buzz from many fans all over the country. The band plans on doing regional West coast tours now that their album is complete. They will then do national tours, then world tours. After that they plan on a Milky Way Galaxy tour followed, of course, by a Universe tour. Finally, if there is enough time and funding, they will tour through the outer boundaries of the Big Bang expansion.


When The Leaves of Autumn Fall

Written By: Gabe Lehner

I'm feeling sad, again,
I'm losing all of my friends
to the cold of growing old,
but the feeling comes and goes.
Sometimes it aches, I cringe.
Sometimes it throws worried sins
to the floor and out the door,
and the negative's a whore,
and the good weighs so much more.
Like there are birds
and there are trees
and there are clouds
and there is everything
and there is love
and there are dreams,
and the glue that binds them all
is the essence of the soul.
That silly sound inside
is half a laugh, half a sigh,
cause I know I'm growing old,
and it's sad but beautiful
like when the leaves of autumn fall.
How can I pretend that I don't want a bit of change?
How do I admit that I am often quite afraid?
How can I convince myself that all will be okay?
Who am I to think that I could do so anyways?
Who am I to think at all?


1997 - Azure tape(12 songs)
1999 - Plucky(19 songs)
2005 - jack the original EP(8 songs)
2005 - Why The Long Face?(16 songs)

Set List

Our typical set list is 45 minutes long, and usually has these songs:

Music Fade In
Embedded In My Head
The Only Way Is Down
See You After The War
Battled In War
Stunt 9
Ancient One

We have enough material though to do an hour and a half of good original music, if needed. We don't play covers.