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"Fanzine Review"

"JACKVIPER are the real deal and are without doubt the best new band in the UK. A must for every true sleazerocker!"

- www.sleaze-metal.com

"JACKVIPER - Breaking Band Feature"

(May 06)

"What do they sound like? Like Motley Crue riffs pre 'Girls, Girls, Girls', like Faster Pussycat's singer Taime Down and like Skid Row's Sebastian Bach with his lascivious and misogynistic potty mouth.

This is sleazy trashy hard rock that walks the talk at the speed of Motorhead and with the intensity of Guns n Roses. At last a retro sleaze band who can write songs as well as fit into lace-up leather trousers...Notoriety and infamy awaits!"
- Metal Hammer Magazine

"Another Dirty Threesome EP Review"

"London's JACKVIPER have a couple of advantages over the legion of Aquanet toting band wagon jumpers coming up behind them....they have a real knack for the kind of astutely structured, catchy songs missing from all too many bands demos. And their second greatest asset is a fucking amazing guitarist in one Eddie Shredder, who handles solos to match their heroes greatest widdle-fests with ease...Moreover, singer Jay R commands a pair of G'n'R-esque rockers with all the bravado of a true 80's prima donna..."
- Bubblegum Slut Magazine

"Murder 1 EP Review"

"These tracks are excellent, mixing Bang Tango vocals with pure sleaze rock. "G.F.Y." and "Murder City Blues" both go for the throat and are full-throttle unrelenting rockers... JACKVIPER just seems to get better and better and are easily one of the most exciting sleaze bands around today" - www.sleazeroxx.com

"JACKVIPER Live Review (supporting VIXEN)"

JACKVIPER are one of those bands who, frustrated by inadequacy of the limited options that the 90s styles had to offer musicians, chose to look further back into the past for inspiration, and found it in the hard rock and glam metal of the 70s and 80s.

JACKVIPER do not rebel just for the sake of a simple-hearted rebellion. Their defiance of the mainstream trends and refusal to conform has another side to it: its also an expression of a rather self-indulgent and genuine admiration for the great 70s and 80s bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Faster Pussycat.

"Crashed by You", the song which Jack Viper opened with on the night, may have given away a lot about their well honed skill and impulsive attitude, but it still saved a lot for the next song "Blown Away", which showed the real level of ability in this band.

"Blown Away" started with a great riff-based guitar opening - articulate, convincing and sharp. Eddie Shredder is a grown-up and reliable guitarist who knows both how to deliver an exciting and vibrant solo but who is also a fantastic team worker who interacts with bassist Mister Kiss perfectly, with all the reserve and competence of an accomplished rhythm player. Mister Kiss himself is also a man inspired. His attack is fast but it has a stretched sustain which lines the texture of the band's sound with a clear, fat tone. "Blown Away" had it all: changing harmonic structures, great riffs complemented by the hard-working rhythm section, gang vocals reminiscent of the first Skid Row album, and, to top it all off, a spectacular, vivid solo by Eddie featuring some awesome tapping.

The next song, "Walk the Line", was a real showcase for singer Jay R's ability to deliver a compelling, versatile and consistent vocal performance. His range can go from a sharp scream to a sensuous growl almost the same way Sebastian Bach used to do it on "Slave to the Grind", only Jay's take on this style has a dirty, low-down, flagrant attitude which could remind you of the end of 80s L.A. scene singers. At the same time, Jay is a vocalist who doesn't get stuck in the old patterns. He doesn't over-interpret the tradition and gives his singing a modern dimension. He sings dramatically without embarrassment knowing that in rock it is always the excess that drives the genre forward. "Grab Some Brass", another high point of the show, again featured a great opening guitar, group vocals and a solo by Eddie which showcased his technique like no other song of the set. There were nods to Jimmy Page, a Tony Iommi-style vibrato and again some terrific tapping stemming directly from Van Halen.

The band finished with "Go Fuck Yourself", a "love song", as it was ironically described to the audience by the band, which again had a great riff and some depraved lyrics to go with the punky feel of the song, all combining to show that in JACKVIPER's interpretation, vulgarity has its own code of meaning and allure.

JACKVIPER are, of course, younger than Vixen and more aware of the social context of the times they operate in. Their task is more complex than the bands who pioneered glam metal, as they have to both preserve the genre and to expand its opportunities to go mainstream again. The way JACKVIPER do it is by taking the old tradition and injecting it with a modern understanding of urban experiences. The final effect is a combination of competent musicianship which was mandatory for the 70s hard rock bands, light-hearted good-time vibe of the 80s, and the impudence of our times.

This mix that JACKVIPER present is so well-blended and natural, that they never sound fragmented or forced, a persuasive testimony of the fact that what this band does is sincere and innate, and that they place the enjoyment they derive from their music above considerations of commercial success. The best way to get into this band is to follow the path of spontaneous response to their music which has tons of vitality and conviction expressed emotionally and directly. If JACKVIPER refuse to conform and accept the ultimatums of the corporate music industry, they could end up playing a significant part in the impending turn of the tables which is about to happen in rock music.
- www.the-mag.me.uk


Sleazy Listening EP (2005)

1. Whiskey Town
2. Junkie Queen
3. Dog Days

Another Dirty Threesome EP (2005)

1. MerryGoRound
2. Tears of Pearl
3. Crashed By You

Murder 1 EP (2006)

1. Go Fuck Yourself
2. Walk The Line
3. Blown Away
4. Murder City Blues

'Spider to the Fly' (2006) - Available on the Creative Zen V MP3 player

Bullets for the Faithful EP (2007)

1. 0800FUCKYOU
2. Devil May Care
3. Spider to the Fly
4. Grab Some Brass
5. Hit the Floor




JACKVIPER was formed in the dirty backstreets of Soho, London, UK in defiance of characterless manufactured music everywhere. The aim was simple: to put trashy sleazey rock n roll back on the map! To this end when the JACKVIPER sleaze n roll circus rolls into your town you will witness a live show like no other! JACKVIPER play with a vitality and attitude reminiscent of the hard rock bands of the 1980's and whilst maintaining a genuine admiration for those great bands, JACKVIPER are firmly a product of modern times, producing exciting music in their own contemporary style. To quote:

“JACKVIPER play at the speed of Motorhead and with the intensity of Guns N Roses. At last a retro sleaze band who can write songs as well as fit into lace-up leather trousers...Notoriety and infamy awaits.” METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE

Already JACKVIPER have completed three full UK tours all in support of various multi-platinum artists, played in Germany with Phil Lewis’ LA Guns, provided the soundtrack to the Axl Rose DVD: "The Prettiest Star", been released on Perris Records' "Hollywood Hairspray V" compilation and featured as a breaking band in Europe’s best selling Metal magazine, Metal-Hammer. JACKVIPER's track ‘Spider to the Fly’ was also featured on the Metal-Hammer cover CD.

‘Spider to the Fly’ has also been pre-loaded onto half a million Creative Zen MP3 players released throughout Europe, and JACKVIPER have been officially endorsed by Marshall Amplification. JACKVIPER were also featured on Perris Records international release ‘The Perris International Network CD’ released in February 2007.

JACKVIPER were the only UK band to be invited to play Hollywood Cruefest 2007 and also at New York Cruefest 2007. Both nights were a complete success and JackViper will be appearing Stateside again very soon!




Having succeeded in updating the classic sleaze sound and image for today's record buying market, JACKVIPER are going from strength to strength. With their 'Sleaze Army' growing in numbers all the time and their debut album due to be distributed worldwide by Perris Records in late 2008, JACKVIPER are continuing to inspire a new generation of rock fans all over the world!