Jack With One Eye

Jack With One Eye


Textured noise pop and kraut like psychedelia drenched with atmospheric voices, propulsive drumming and menacing guitars.


Based out of Dallas, Texas, Jack With One Eye has patiently crafted its vision for years. The dedication to its craft has paid off, as the band recently released its first LP The Bad Sleep Well on its own Obsolete Records. Connecting the dots between ominous, hallucinatory David Lynch-isms and a love for effects-pedal-shoegaze that goes for the jugular, the band's sound finds full realization on this debut.

R. Ian Hamilton and S. Mila Hamilton create walls of textured noise and subtle, atmosphere-drenched male/ female vocals, while drummer Benjamin Burt--who spent the 90s touring with Texas acid-punkers Brutal Juice--handles percussion duties for the trio.

Opening track, "I stole this Controll" serves as a mission statement and introduces the group's brooding, merciless rapture. Wasting no time, the band segues directly into "The Vultures are Circling," showcasing mysterious vocal hooks floating under layers of controlled noise in an impressively restrained two minutes. "Sun In Glass" is a carefree pop gem filtered through a Mary Chain-haze. Introducing the album's recurring musical motif, "Theme Pour L'Obscurite" envelopes the listener within a haunting, cinematic reality that is twisted-yet-inviting and uniquely the band's own.

The succinct song-flow of the first half of the album is balanced out by the sprawling indulgence of the latter side. A highlight of Jack's live show, album-closer "The Great Shanty Town Flood of 1914" is a 14-minute instrumental of dense psychedelia. Recalling the astral-drone blues of early Spiritualized, a menacing guitar and organ riff slowly build intensity. Burt's propulsive drumming escalates the song's momentum until finally erupting into white noise catharsis.


The Bad Sleep Well LP 2009 Obsolete Records

Set List

I Stole This Controll, The Vultures Are Circling, Sun in Glass, Client #9, Theme Pour l'Obscurite, Nervous About Meeting 'J' Tonight, Double R, Alarm Clock, The Burden of Being Liked, The Great Shanty Town Flood of 1914. We typically play 30 minutes to an hour depending on time requirements. We rarely play covers.