Jaclyn Brown

Jaclyn Brown


Graceful, challenging, unguarded, powerful: Such are the songs of Jaclyn Brown. Known as a writer of soon-to-be #1 hit songs in the country/folk/pop vein, Jaclyn is considered a preeminent singer/songwriter in the South and beyond.


With a degree in Studio and Jazz Vocal Performance from the University of Miami in Florida, the prolific Brown capitalizes on a diversity of influences and experiences in crafting some of the most poignant songs to emerge from her generation.

Jaclyn currently makes her home in Nashville, TN, although she frequently travels to her largest fan bases: NY, LA, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Her bright voice and matching smile make audiences feel at home whenever she’s on stage. Her new CD, "Unsolicited Material", was released September 1, 2005. The CD features catchy and timeless soon-to-be number one hits.

Growing up in Nashville with a session pianist for a father, Brown had many opportunities to hear and learn from established artists and writers, like Brenda Lee and Kathy Mattea. She also sang backup and/or recorded with many country singers such as Joe Diffie and Jamie O’Neal.

In the summer before her senior year of college, Brown landed an internship with country singer/songwriter Lari White and her husband, hit songwriter Chuck Cannon, who greatly encouraged and inspired her to continue writing and performing.

You can currently catch Jaclyn performing her original tunes at various clubs in Nashville. You can purchase her CD at any of her live performances. Jaclyn directs "Chick Singer Night Nashville," a monthly all-female artist showcase at 3rd & Lindsley.

“The great thing about being a singer and a songwriter is that it enables you to say whatever you want to say in whatever voice you want to use,” says songstress Jaclyn Brown. “I can’t sing a Kid Rock song, but maybe I could write one.”


I'm Built For Luxury

Written By: Jaclyn Brown

I’m Built For Luxury Jaclyn Brown ©2004

Some girls look like this, and some are shaped like that.
But no matter what, it seems we all think we’re fat.
I can diet all day, begin an exercise plan,
But I know a better way for a girl to get her man.
I can give you what you want, but I don’t want to mislead.
I’m built for luxury, not for speed.

Everyone’s driving these big SUVs
with leather seats and space for anything you please.
Well if size is what you need to show your success,
Then I’m a lucky girl, I’m as roomy as it gets.
I can give you what you want, if you have what I need.
I’m built for luxury, not for speed.

There’s more of me to love than if I were stick thin.
I know what it means to feel good in my skin.
When I see the perfect model on your TV,
I say, Poor little girl, she’ll never have it like me!

I fill out my jeans and I can fill up your tank
If you’re ready for love, pardon my being frank.
Being trim, slim, and prim can be such a bore.
Yeah, and hips can be a blessing if you know what they’re for.
I can give you what you want, yes, I can indeed.
I’m built for luxury, not for speed.

I can give you what you want, if we’re agreed,
I’m built for luxury, not for speed.

Are You Man Enough?

Written By: Jaclyn Brown, Rich Karg, Andy Karg

Are You Man Enough? ©2005 Jaclyn Brown, Rich Karg, Andy Karg

They’re on the third episode of Sex And The City.
She looks over at him and feels a little pity,
because she knows he’s enduring it just for her.

He had to spend an hour getting ready for tonight,
he put on French cologne and shined his boots bright.
She thinks he looks nice in his pale pink shirt.
If that’s what it takes for love

Are you man enough?
Are you man enough?
Holding hands and making plans
and all that sappy stuff,
Are you man enough?

No, it’s not just working out and skipping Monday night football.
It’s parties with Mary Kay and spending all day at the mall.
One day you’ll fall in love

Are you man enough?
Are you man enough?
Holding doors and doing chores,
it’s not just macho stuff,
Are you man enough?

Victoria’s Secret, Tupperware, Meg Ryan movies, and manicures,
Barbara Streisand, show affection, man-purse, ask for directions.
Yeah, he’s the kind of guy who’ll go that extra mile
Because he knows when he does, she’ll make it worth his while.

Are you man enough?
Are you man enough?
Holding your tongue and feeling high strung,
you have to be pretty tough,
Are you man enough?

Yeah, someday you’ll fall in love, you’ll see what you’re made of.
Are you man enough?

The Fallout

Written By: © 2005 Jaclyn Brown

He tries to watch the news about the President’s plans,
how guns and bombs have fallen in the wrong hands.
Above the TV he can hear her shout.
That’s the way it’s been since their falling out.

He agrees with face on TV,
he needs to end this war.
But she’s locked up in the bedroom,
sheltering her heart.
‘Cause pride takes their words
and turns them into shouts,
and the unseen angry poison
rains down like fallout.

The President says he’s worried about innocent lives.
He looks over at his children and thinks, “So am I.”
The kids tiptoe through the house like they might set off the bomb.
They stay hidden in their rooms, but they don’t know what from.


On a commercial break his eight-year-old says, “Dad,
is all of this fighting what’s making you so mad?”
He takes him in his arms and kisses his cheek.
He knows he should explain, but finds that he can’t speak.

The kids are all asleep, he knocks on the bedroom door.
She sees something in his eyes that wasn’t there before.
She opens the door wider, her face is streaked and red.
He takes her in his arms and not a word is said.

When our wars are over, we’ll all give account
for the ones we hurt and the ones we loved; the effects of our fallout.



Unsolicited Material (New original songs, released '05)
Jaclyn Lisenby (debut CD of originals, released in '00)


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Jaclyn can do gigs of any length, either with band or solo. For her repertoire, see discography or her website www.jaclynbrown.com