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Jaclyn Genovese

At the age of 21, Toronto artist Jaclyn Genovese has established herself as a unique and diverse performer, songwriter, and recording artist. Her incredible vocal range and unique style combine elements of Sade, Norah Jones, Jewel, and Charlotte Church.

Music has always been at the center of Jaclyn’s life. She began her musical training at the age of 6, with the prestigious Toronto Children’s Chorus. At 14, Jaclyn began studying guitar, and her songwriting flourished. Jaclyn continued to pursue her love of music at Dalhousie University where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Music, under the tutelage of the critically acclaimed Marcia Swanston.

Jaclyn’s varied influences range from Jewel Kilcher to Corrine Bailey Rae, Charlotte Church to Feist, and Mariah Carey to Sarah Brightman With her classically trained voice, her vast performance repertoire includes her own original material, as well as Broadway, classical, opera, contemporary rock, pop, and folk. She can do it all!

Jaclyn began her recording career at the age of 16, with Juno nominee producer Gerry Mosby (Euphoria). Mosby has also produced albums for Juno award winners Alfie Zappacosta and Devon Martin, Juno nominee Sheree Jeacocke, and the debut CD for Staggered Crossing. Jaclyn’s self-titled independent EP highlights a number of her best original songs. Her compelling music and lyrics are brought to life with simple guitar melodies and her hauntingly beautiful, yet edgy vocals.

Jaclyn is currently co-writing and recording with artist Michael Furlotte and producer Mazen Kereknawi from Knight Dream Productions in Montreal.


Don't Walk Away

Written By: Jaclyn Genovese

He cries out every last word that he can
Every breath reminds him that he is a man
No matther what anyone says about him
People walk by
Don't even smile
Why should they care 'bout a man on the street
Don't even care if he's got something to eat

Don't walk away
It's not okay
Don't walk away
It's not okay at all, at all, at all

He smiles to at least get noticed
He always wondered what it'd be like to live in your bliss
Even though he could never even imagine it
Holds up his sign
They act like they're blind
Don't even care if he's got shoes on his feet
Don't even care whether or not last night he could sleep


Honest man, now where did it all end?
He's tried everything
It's so hard to comprehend
It could happen to anyone, anyone


Don't walk away