Jaclyn Rosansky

Jaclyn Rosansky


I write lyrics and need help when it comes to writing music - My style is alternative with soul. I would love to combine my voice with someone who plays acoustic guitar and see where that goes. There is potential in my music but without the melodies my words are just that.


I write songs about fighting, love and insanity because I know very well what it feels like to be without direction, and the hopelessness that goes with it. But when I bounce back I do it fast and that is truly what gets me through the bad. Music is always here for me even on my worst days.


Open Spaces

Written By: Jaclyn Rosansky

The years are starting to show
in my eyes
And I need to get away from here
Say Goodbye
So I don’t have to wait around
I’m falling hard onto the ground
My feet are glued in place
I need some open space

Taking the time to follow
Is like trying to swallow
and then feeling like a waste
of time
Just watch me go and I’ll be just fine

All I want is to breathe again
laugh again
cry again and say I know who I am
Losing hope was my one defense
So let me go and I’ll find my self

Up above

Written By: Jaclyn Rosansky

Why is tomorrow never good enough?
Why can’t I talk to you?
With rain hiding my tears of pain,
I wanted to still talk to you

But now you’re gone
Looking down from up above
My anger is too much
because I never got to be ok
for longer than a month
You always asked if I was ok
but never really listened

The stars shine brighter
The sun shines longer
The moon is always full
Now that you’re looking from up


I currently have not released any songs on air.

Set List

Currently working on my own songs and I like doing covers.