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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band R&B Jazz




"EXCLUSIVE! ‘Circle’ by Jaclyn Rose"

Today’s exclusive is a first listen to ‘Circle’, the new single from NYC’s Jaclyn Rose, taken from her forthcoming EP

Jaclyn Rose 2ased in New York City, Jaclyn Rose hails originally from Los Angeles. The holder of bachelor’s degree of music in Jazz Studies, her debut album The Story Of The Rose Movement was released in 2013, since when she’s set up a charitable organisation of the same name, won several prestigious awards and toured extensively on both coasts of America.

Jaclyn describes her sound as a blend of R&B/soul, jazz, electro and pop. Her forthcoming EP Invasion: A New Potion, which Jaclyn has produced herself, draws on influences such as James Brown and Miles Davis, and the second single from the EP is Circle. It’s not out until 24 March… but guess where you can hear it first?


Like what you hear? Then follow Jaclyn on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter, or visit her official website. - Songwriting Magazine

"INTERVIEW: Singer-songwriter Jaclyn Rose"

Hi Jaclyn, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
I’ve been great! Excited for what 2015 has to offer.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your latest track ¨Dance With You¨?
“Dance With You” is about falling in love on the dance floor. I was inspired to write this song after visiting several New York house venues. It’s about finding that special someone and embracing your time together.

The single comes off your new EP Invasion: A New Potion – what´s the story behind the title?
In my first album, there was an anthem song called “The Rose Movement.” In the music video for that song, I explained a story where love was restored in a harsh city by a rose love potion. So in this upcoming EP, the movement is taking it to the next level. The people who have taken the rose potion have now created an invasion across the city.

How was the recording and writing process?
The recording and writing process was exciting. It was a lot of hard work as I produced the entire project— including composing, arranging, and writing the songs. I learned a lot from the process, and I had a great team of engineers to help me out.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?
I found inspiration for this EP in my search to understand love, life, and what it means to continue to be an artist.

What were the PROs and CONs of self-producing the album?
Some of the PROs of this project have been the learning experiences and the ability to explore new styles and sounds. One of the CONs have been my perfectionist mindset to oversee the project and ensure that each song is exactly how I envisioned it. Being the artist and the producer requires dedication and hard-work, but it’s all worth it.

Will you be hitting the road this year?
I’m constantly back and forth between NYC and LA, but this year I plan to reach more audiences in both the east and west coast. At the moment, I’m planning performances for DC, Boston, Miami, and Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego.

What else is happening next in Jaclyn Rose´s world?
I just finished two music videos, and I’m currently working on future singles. Along with planning my east and west coast tour, I’m looking to collaborate with other artists for my next album. Additionally, my philanthropy organization, The Rose Movement, plans to collaborate and to reach out to help more communities. - VENTS Magazine

"PREMIERE: Jaclyn Rose – “Dance With You”"

We’re excited to premiere the new track “Dance With You” by NYC-based singer/songwriter Jaclyn Rose. The eclectic and impressive song is from her new EP Invasion: A New Potion, out March 24. Jaclyn self-produced the EP at Sweet Sound and Bunker Studios, drawing from influences like James Brown and Miles Davis. Stream the song below and follow Jaclyn online for more!

https://soundcloud.com/jaclynrosemusic/dance-with-you/s-hmlAk - Groundsounds


NYC-based alternative/electro-R&B songstress Jacyln Rose recently released her new music video for “Dance With You.” The track stems for new EP Invasion: A New Potion, which dropped on March 24th.

You can view the video below:
https://youtu.be/q2t3wpEouc8 - Planet Stereo

"Jaclyn Rose-Dance With You"

Jaclyn Rose-Dance With You
01/30/2015 by admin

Jaclyn Rose

Singer-songwriter Jaclyn Rose announces the release of her new single “Dance With You” off her new EP Invasion: A New Potion, out March 24th.

With an eclectic sound of Alternative R&B/Soul, Electro Pop, & Jazz, Jaclyn uses her music as a platform to promote a powerful message of well-being that is changing the lives of fans from all around the world.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Jaclyn graduated Cum Laude from California State University and Long Beach’s Bob Cole Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s degree of Music in Jazz Studies. Jaclyn released her debut album The Story of the Rose Movement in 2013, performing throughout both California and New York to support it. In addition to the album, Jaclyn founded her organization of the same name, which centers its focus around the spirit of giving. Her work has helped Jaclyn earn titles such as Halo Halo TV’s Fil-Am Artist to Watch 2014, AEMNYC’s Top Artist of 2013, Jazz-Phil USA Talent Search Winner, Jazzmopolitan All-Star, Jazzmopolitan Lady of Jazz and more.

Invasion: A New Potion EP was self-produced by Jaclyn at Sweet Sound and Bunker Studios, pulling from influences like James Brown and Miles Davis. Jaclyn has entertained crowds at numerous local venues, including Pianos, The Bitter End, DROM, Spike Hill and Fontana’s, and is continuing to book shows throughout the area. Keep an eye out for more from this emerging talent! - NerdyFrames


Catch up with Jaclyn Rose and look for her new EP, Invasion: A New Potion, to be released March 24th.

What got you interested in music?

Jaclyn Rose: I always knew that music was my calling and my passion in life. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to make a difference through music and be a voice of positivity so I really felt like music was part of my mission in life.

Were there artists whose sound inspired yours?

Well, I've always been inspired by a lot of jazz artists, like Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis; a lot of the pioneers of music that have inspired and influenced a lot of music today.

Do you remember the first album you bought?

I think it was probably an old Sarah Vaughan record on vinyl. Just listening to her tunes and just really hearing that kind of soul, you know, that's kind of what I remember, as far as what the first record I bought was.

What words would you use to describe your sound?

I would say that it stands on its own; it's eclectic; it has unlimited possibilities. It's inspired by a lot of different time periods and different cultures and my music always has kind of positive, uplifting messages to it, so I think that's how my music stands out, and being backed by The Rose Movement as well, which is my campaign; all of that tied together I think would describe my music best.

Could you explain more about The Rose Movement?

Yeah! The Rose Movement is just this movement based on the spirit of giving and it's a campaign where we give daily inspiration on my Facebook page and we've also contributed to a lot of different charitable causes, such as breast cancer awareness and a mentoring one, and it's just a movement that continues to give more positivity and inspiration to the world.

Are the singles you've released so far, "Circle" and "Dance With You", indicative of the style we can expect to hear on the forthcoming EP, Invasion: A New Potion?

Yeah, you know, it's showing a lot of different ranges in music. Like I said, I think my music has just unlimited possibilities and that's how I like to stretch myself as an artist. Being able to produce this record by myself gives me a lot of creative freedom and a lot of opportunities to explore with different genres of music and to really expand my limitations as an artist, as well.

How would you sum up the EP in one sentence?

Just like the title of the EP, it's just an invasion of sound and music and good, positive vibes.

Is there a track you're most excited for people to hear?

I think each track has such a life and a spirit of its own and I'm looking forward for everyone to hear it just because there's something different about every single track and I think that a lot of people are going to be very excited about that.

What do you want to do with your music?

I just hope that they feel really good about themselves and I hope that it inspires them and motivates them to continue to work on their goals. Each song has such a different meaning, there's a different message to it and I hope, through each message, it continues to touch and inspire people and to bring more light and joy into their day.

Thank you for checking out my interview and I look forward to creating more and more music for you guys! - The Music Rag

"Artist to Watch: Jaclyn Rose and The R.O.S.E. Movement"

What do you get when you mix elements of Afro pop/funk/R&B plus an inspirational movement to get people to follow their dreams and live their full potential WITHOUT regrets and limitations?

You get The R.O.S.E. movement!

R.O.S.E which stands for Revive Our Soul Energy, is the musical brainchild of Jaclyn Rose, a singer- songwriter/producer/composer originally from L.A. who is now stationed in NYC.

With strong and inviting lyrics, and a sweet personality, Jaclyn Rose is an artist to watch not only now, but in 2014 as well!

Her next show is in December here in NYC, and here are all the deets!

Jaclyn Rose
The Winter Wonder Show
Thurs, Dec 12th at 8:30PM

Fontana’s Bar
105 Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10005

Tickets: $10
Facebook Event:

Tickets: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3899384

And be sure to follow her on social media!

SC: https://soundcloud.com/jaclynrosemusic/the-rose-movement-single-1
Bandcamp: jaclynrose.bandcamp.com - Fade or Fight

"AEMNYC’s Top Artists of 2013"

"Happy Holidays Everyone! We’re coming up on the end of 2013, which was an exciting and eventful one for AEMNYC. We’ve attended a number of events, including the Cyber PR Digital Press Conference, the CMJ Music Marathon & the Bedloo App Release Party. We’ve also featured a number of new artists for AEMNYC’s Original Series’ Tell Your Story & The UUU.

Jaclyn Rose came out on top with the most views, followed by BluRum13, newcomer Chuckie Campbell, Ezra Letra (Formerly Al Basics), WordSpit The ILLest & Crystal Waters, respectively.

To further honor our featured guests, we’ve created banners for the Top Artists of 2013 that will run through the beginning of next year. Free exposure is good exposure. So here’s to being exposed." - AEMNYC

"TYS - Jaclyn Rose & The Rose Movement [Listen]"

"A few nights ago, I attended The Rose Garden Debut Show, featuring the lovely Jaclyn Rose, who I met while working the CMJ Music Marathon last year. She was very entertaining and engaging, singing an impromptu happy birthday to 2 women in the crowd and putting on a great show with her live band. I got a chance to catch up with Jaclyn after the show for a short interview, but before that, get into her single (performed live), The Rose Movement.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show where singers are vocally GOOD! I attended the show of a really dope singer by the name of Jaclyn Rose, whose well-rounded in almost all genres. Her music felt vibrant, eclectic and cultural all at once. The way she engaged the audience makes me rate her 10 for a great performance. I can’t wait to see her perform again. I’ll be waaaaaaay in front this time. – Omari Atiba, aEM

Now let’s get into this special interview for our Tell Your Story series. Let Jaclyn pull you into the Rose Garden." - AudioEMIT

"JACLYN ROSE Tops JazzPhil-USA’s 9th Annual Talent Search Showcase in Los Angeles"

"A singer with a fresh style and an up-and-coming saxophonist topped JazzPhil-USA’s Eighth Annual Talent Search Showcase …

Jaclyn Rose, who performs on stages in L.A. and New York, was selected best vocalist, while Illinois-based Matthew Muneses topped the instrumental category …

Rose impressed the judges with “I Put a Spell on You” and “Afro Blue” with her trademark sound: jazz with the flavors of funk and soul …” - Loreno Paran III

"Common Ground: Womynhood"

"...Singer/songwriter Jaclyn Rose’s eclectic style fuses jazz, funk, soul, and Afrobeat. This August 2nd featured performer shares with us a few words on womynhood and art:
How I celebrate womynhood: I celebrate womynhood by embracing the beauty of my mind, body, and spirit. I celebrate womynhood by starting everyday with gratitude. I celebrate womyhood by sharing love and joy to my fellow sisters. I celebrate womynhood by giving support and compassion to my fellow brothers. I celebrate womynhood by being a positive role model especially to the youth. I celebrate womynhood by cultivating wisdom, love, and compassion.
How my art empowers me as a womyn: I believe that music is one of the greatest teachers in the world. My art, my music, empowers me because it gives me the opportunity to send a positive message to the world. Music gives me the opportunity to share love and compassion. I strive to create music that empowers others to believe in themselves and to love. That is what “The Rose Movement” is all about.
Come on ‘round to common ground this Thursday, August 2nd, for a chance to see Jaclyn perform live! See you there!" - Common Ground

"Jazzmopolitan 2012: All-Stars: Press Release"

"...Jaclyn Rose, a graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Vocal Performance and a concentration in Jazz Studies, returns from last year’s “Jazzmopolitan: Ladies of Jazz” concert. Trained in a wide variety of musical styles, jazz/neo-soul/r&b is where her heart lies, a la Erykah Badu and India Arie to name a couple. “Jazz offers infinite possibilities…” explains Jaclyn, “there are no limitations…you gain such a deep musical understanding with jazz. The complex harmonies are beautiful and colorful, and really that’s what I love most about jazz. It’s colorful.” - BakitWhy

"Jazzmopolitan 2011: Filipina Ladies of Jazz: A Review"

Jaclyn Rose reminded me of Nina Simone, a jazz singer with classical training and soulful voice. She sang Ain’t No Sunshine, a classic Bill Withers song, performed Afro-Cuban style. Dearly Beloved, is a jazz standard, written by Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer, with musical arrangements done by her. Another original written and arranged by Jaclyn is Kick It, which will be on her next CD that she is currently recording.

The audience loved The Flipside, another original song written and arranged by Jaclyn Rose. “The band traded on their 8 measures, where each musician got to solo for 8 measures and it went around the band a few times during the song… the musician order of the solos was planned although no one knew what each musician was gonna play, that was unplanned,” Rex Sampaga shared.

“Did you notice during the solos, the bass player (Andrew Ford) played the bass-line for a Stevie Wonder song called, I Wish and then when it came time for the keyboardist solo (Gregg Karukas), he answered back with a few bars of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition? That was unplanned, just the “planned” spontaneity and what jazz is all about…AND this was the song that both Jaclyn and Michael Paulo were doing their synchronized dancing to,” he added.

By now, the audience is primed and more than ready to get to the headliner, Grammy Award Winner Pauline Wilson. Not quite, as Michael Paulo and his band played One Passion. This song was the title track from Michael’s CD of the same name.

Originally recorded by MCA Records, One Passion became a top ten hit on contemporary/NAC charts. Michael literally got transformed to a bunny who skipped, jumped, and even leaped up in the air to play his sax, interacting with the audience, his brand of creative, soul-ful excellence when he and his band played Bumpin.

(L-R) Gregg Karukas, Nicole David, Land Richards, Keesa Ocampo, Pauline Wilson, Jaclyn Rose, Fred Schreuders, Michael Paulo, Andrew Ford. (Photo by Hydee Ursolino Abrahan)

By now, the audience had waited long enough. Pauline Wilson gave a perfect yet subdued, pitch-perfect, words-clear performance. Never Let Me Go, Good Morning Heartache, Rio de Janeiro Blues (a song popularized by Randy Crawford) and the audience’s favorite Deeper and Deeper, written by keyboardist Gregg Karukas. This was an instrumental song, originally titled Our Love, which appears on Gregg’s CD: Key Witness.

You could feel the depths of her emotions as she sang this song.

Finally, a Chaka Khan medley of What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me and Ain’t Nobody got the audience to dance, first two, the first was Marissa Castro-Salvati, former Board chair of SIPA, then, four, and then a whole aisle of folks, until the entire audience stood up and danced till the last tune was played. “Nicole and Jaclyn traded off singing verses on the first song. Then Pauline took the encore to another level with Ain’t Nobody, another favorite Chaka Khan song, which is such a natural fit for Pauline to sing,” said Rex Sampaga.

Before I end my review, let me pay homage to the A-list band who accompanied these Filipina women of Jazz.

Michael Paulo’s A-list band was off the charts in musical genius. Gregg Karukas, keyboardist, has been nominated best keyboardist at Oasis Contemporary Jazz awards, and released dozen solo CDs. When you watch him play, the notes blend with his fingers, and out comes a smile of contentment as he deftly plays. He is self-contained, and self-energized, yet, one with the band.

Nicole David’s debut performance with her dad, Mon David in the Ford Amphitheaters in Los Angeles. (Photo by Hydee Ursolino Abrahan)

Land Richards on drums, performed with A-list musicians, the likes of George Benson, Michael Bolton, Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder, Boney James, Stevie Nicks and Earth, Wind and Fire. He is credited as part of Jasper,“ a high energy, funkified, smooth jazz band that played at Redlands, Whiskey Creek in the mid to late 80’s. - Asian Journal


Invasion: A New Potion EP

Producer: Jaclyn Rose

Release: March 24, 2015

The Story of The Rose Movement LP

Producer: Jaclyn Rose

Release: July 16, 2013

The Rose Movement - Single

Producer: Jaclyn Rose

Release: April 9, 2013

For all discography information and lyrics, go tohttp://jaclynrose.bandcamp.com/ 



“Jaclyn Rose reminded me of Nina Simone, a jazz singer with classical training and a soulful voice.” - Jazzmopolitan

Singer-Songwriter/Composer-Producer, Jaclyn Rose, is creating a movement that is unstoppable. With an eclectic sound of Alternative R&B/ Soul, Electropop, & Jazz, Jaclyn uses her music as a platform to promote a powerful message of well-being that is changing the lives of fans from all around the world.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Jaclyn both studied and graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Long Beach’s Bob Cole Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s degree of Music in Jazz Studies. She’s performed throughout southern California and New York City gracing the stage and inspiring her fans with her vibrant performances, captivating lyrics, and uplifting sound.

In July 2013, Jaclyn solidified her presence in the music industry with her debut album The Story of The Rose Movement. In addition to the album, Jaclyn founded her organization, The Rose Movement, which centers its focus around the spirit of giving.  Her work has helped Jaclyn earn titles such as Halo Halo TV’s Fil-Am Artist to Watch 2014, AEMNYC’s Top Artist of 2013, Jazz-Phil USA Talent Search Winner, Jazzmopolitan All-Star, Jazzmopolitan Lady of Jazz, and more.

With the continued spirit of The Rose Movement, Jaclyn launched her sophomore EP, Invasion: A New Potion, which was released in March 2015. The self-produced EP is now being featured on notable media outlets such as Songwriting MagazineGroundsoundsVENTS Magazine, and more. In this new musical venture, the rose continues to enfold as Jaclyn explores new musical territories, canvases, and words that only music can express.

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